21 Low/No Cost Real Estate Marketing Tips

Marketing With No Money In Real Estate…

realtor marketing tipsOne of the greatest challenges most real estate agents find is the rising costs and expectations of sellers on listing agents and their marketing programs. (When you get through this post check out our new 21 Low or No Cost Real Estate Marketing Tips for 2014 and fill in the form below for your Bonus Report of another 20 hot marketing ideas)

It’s becoming increasingly costly to be in the real estate business and more and more expensive to obtain new prospects, obtain repeat and referral business, enhance your image and market your sellers homes.

Statistics show it takes on average 2 years and 7 months to be remembered.

So how do you break through before you become broke?

I always like to begin with what are you selling? What is the message you are wanting to get out?

I believe your message in Real Estate marketing is…

Why you?
Why your company?
Why now?

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  1. Pick up the phone and talk to 5 current or past clients a day.
  2. Add to the bottom of your email signature “The greatest compliment you can give me is a referral to your family, friends and colleagues.”
  3. Record a new, upbeat and original message on your voicemail every day. Try a riddle, joke, tip, quote or short story.
  4. Check the local news or internet for a good news story and clip or print the story and send the person who the story is about a personal note saying “well done or congratulations” and include your business card.
  5. Video yourself with your best buying or selling tips and post them to YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter.
  6. Video a past client testimonial sharing their experience doing business with you and post it to your website or social media.
  7. Wear your company name badge. Don’t be a secret agent.
  8. Join or start a networking group like Business Network International (BNI).
  9. Post some of your best marketing, buying or selling ideas in Real Estate on your own blog.
  10. Submit press releases each week to local media sources.
  11. Create joint ventures and partnerships with other businesses and services that fall in line with the real estate industry.
  12. Complete a detailed profile of yourself in Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.
  13. Write a short 500 word article each month and email it to your database.
  14. Post classified ads on free online websites like Craigslist, Kijiji, Castanet, Oodle.
  15. Teach other business owners and service providers how to market with little or no money.
  16. Write and send a hand written note to 5 people every day.
  17. Email a newsletter, buying and selling tips, video clip, slide shows.
  18. Email every month your best bets for buying opportunities. All categories like first time buy, move up buy, foreclosure or rental.
  19. Tel 20 – walk around a new listing, recent sale or an upcoming open house and share with 20 neighbors about the property and add them to your database
  20. Visit face to face an expired listing owner with a sold topper in hand and say “We have just been notified your home is no longer on the market and I am sure the last person you want to see at your door is another real estate agent. I just have 2 quick questions and will be on my way. First why do you think one of these “sold” signs did not get on your property and second why did you want to sell in the first place?”
  21. Hold an open house on a listing any day that only takes a customer no more than 2 open house signs to get to from the main traffic.


Hope you take away some great ways to boost your business without spending your way out of the business!

Looking for more great real estate marketing ideas? Fill in the form below for a nice little report we put together for you.

Strength and Courage,


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  1. Gather some help (aka your kids) and brush off snow of cars in your neighbourhood and leave a card or note on windshield something to the effect of “I’ll never brush off your referrals.” *Note: snow is required. 😉

  2. Abby says:

    Useful Cost Effective Realtor Tips

  3. When you’re starting your real estate business, you should not try to go for glitz and glamour immediately. All you have to think is how to be exposed without spending too much and your write ups is such a big help.

  4. Joel says:

    Your list of marketing ideas is an excellent starting point for realtors looking for ways to generate more leads. I agree most of your suggestions, although I think a weekly press release might be too frequent because it would be difficult to come up with newsworthy tidbits that often.

  5. VIJAY SHARMA says:


  6. Kaila Johnson says:

    These are great tips. I just passed my Real Estate Agent exam for the state of Michigan. And I am currently figuring out how to brand myself. Just wanted to let you know these tips are helpful.

    Do you have any tips for someone who is just starting?

    Thank you,

    Kaila J.

    • Wade Webb says:

      Hi Kaila, thank you for responding to the post on agentsboost.com, I really appreciate the input. There are a ton of things that you can do for your business when starting out. Here are a few important items to establish a foundation prior to taking your business and life to another level! I have attached a few tools.

      1) Home budget. Sit down together. You and your spouse and make a written itemized list of all your fixed expenses. Everything you spend on each month that is a must, necessity. Eg. Rent, food, utilities, household items, vehicles, insurances. Go through statements (credit card, bank) to help create your list (budget) so we know exactly what your personal dollar figure is each month. Key to personal budget is to commit to this figure for the next 12 months and stick to it best we can.

      2) Work budget. Sit down and review all the costs that are fixed monthly expenses for your business. For example dues, fees, cell, fuel, insurance and any monthly marketing commitments. We need to know what the monthly nut for your business is and also share this with family. Key to business budget is to pick the amount you will spend every month for the next 12 months and stick to it and commit.

      Once we have these figures and know what our personal and professional lives will be requiring the next 12 months. Then and only then can we set a goal for your income targets. Budgeting and expense management is 50% of achieving the financial freedom goal. Is also the # 1 reason the goal gets killed by getting off budgets and spending.

      3) This week get your numbers and your brokerage numbers.

      * What is your average sale price? what is your board area, average sale price? Take all past sales and add them up and divide by the number of sales.

      * What is your list to sell ratio? What percent of the asking price vs. their sale piece does a seller get on average for their home selling with you? 96% of asking price here in Kelowna. FYI. What is the number with your board area?

      * What is your average days on market to sell with all your past sellers? What is your board area average days on market?

      * What is your average commission earned from all your past deals? What is the average commission earned for your board? Here in Kelowna it’s about $6,600 per side-per end per agent.

      4) Write out 90 day goals for the following 5 areas. Your family can do this too. Goals for spiritual-happiness, health- body and mind, business/finance, relationships and goals for yourself personally. Only the next 90 days. Beside each goal in each category break down each goal answering the questions who? what? where? when, why? how?

      5) Create a vision board. You can find images and print, cut and paste them out representing your above 90 day goals. Put them on a single sheet of paper and place them on a bathroom mirror, cell phone screen saver or fridge to be seen every day.

      6) Create the perfect week in real estate and life. You fill in all the weekly activities business and personal. In order to create the perfect week you must see what it looks like first before it can happen.

      7)Database – name, address, phone number, email of every single person that knows you, likes you, trusts you and be glad to hear from you. Look on your facebook, twitter, linkedin, email address book, cell phone contacts, past work directories etc. Send them an introduction letter and business card.

      Let me know if I can be of help anytime!


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  9. Susn says:

    I am interested in all the comments. However, I am a single trader, single mum, working as a sole agent from home. I am not able to advertise in the local paper due to costs, and I have found that I am struggling to get any market identity without big advertising bucks. I have tried letter box drops, up to 1,500 but absolutely no response. I am looking for any realistic ideas of how to make myself known as a real estate agent when I cannot access print, tv radio or public marketing?

  10. surefactor says:

    One does not really need huge budgets to start off in real estate. Get to know your locale and focus on an area where people know you. Become knowledgeable about market trends, house values, demographics in general aka become the resident real estate expert. Focus on home owners or buyers in your immediate neighborhood.

    Walk the streets, make sure you are visible in your community and church. Don’t be shy handing out your business cards. Ask for referrals from your friends and family. Be patient but persistent.

  11. Carlos says:

    Wade very well written, you have given great value here. I just wanted to add how, I have help many agents in the market with using the huge new trend Facebook Live…. Here is 100% Free training video http://bit.ly/LearnFBLiv

    It has help them bring in more prospects and sell more!

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