30 Tips To Make 2016 Your Best Year In Real Estate

best year real estate 2016Want to make 2016 your best year ever as a REALTOR? Rhetorical question of course. How does one improve at their favorite sport? Go to the next level as a musician? Become a better artist? Typically it’s learning little tips, techniques and tricks and then slowly and consistently over time implementing them. Improving your Real Estate “game” is no different. It’s far easier, more effective and sustainable to implement many little changes over time than trying to make big life/business changing decisions now and again.

30 Tips to Make 2016 Your Best Year in Real Estate

1. Have a morning routine. Include some affirmations, gratitude, prayer, reading, breathing and exercise.

2. Get up one hour earlier. Imagine 365 more hours a year. That’s over 15 days in total.

3. Know the difference between a prospect and a suspect. Qualify by asking the questions “When?”
“Why?” Measure motivation and timing.

4. Listen to 12 books this year. One great book each month. www.audible.com

5. Set a listing appointment, a showing appointment, a CMA appointment, a listing price reduction
appointment, and a potential buyer appointment every day before noon.

6. Exercise 5 days per week, even if it’s just going for a 15-minute walk.

7. Prominently display your monthly sales, listing and leads on your office wall.

8. Prominently display your “to do”, “doing” and “done” lists on your office wall.

9. Attend a personal development program or event this year.

10. Send thank you notes and a gift card to all referrals, as a token of your appreciation.

11. Never start your week until it is finished on paper. Plan and daytimer your week before it begins.

12. Treat yourself as # 1. Mentally, physically and spiritually. If you are not good then you cannot be good to others.

13. Make your family and friends a priority each week. They are your most important clients.

14. Pay yourself first and save 5%, invest 5% and give 5% of your gross income this year.

15. Get involved in a great cause. Give back to others and your community. Be part of something bigger than yourself.

16. Know how to provide valuable answers to all possible sales objections. Change how they feel, don’t try changing their minds.

17. Touch your present customers every week, and your past customers/centre of influence every 2 weeks.

18. Create a top ten lead list every week. Contact the top leads every day!

19. Practice, memorize and internalize your buyer, listing and pricing presentations.

20. Give to others first and add value, then earn the right to ask for their referrals.

21. Have lunch with someone who is already producing a result that you would like to produce. Ask them how they did it?

22. Mentor someone who would like to produce a result you are already producing.

23. Take a minimum of one full day off per week.

24. Stay away from negative people. Be intentional with what you read, watch and listen to.

25. Take a minimum of three weeks of holidays. Five weeks is even better.

26. Host at least one client appreciation event a year.

27. Do your lead follow-up every day. Convert those leads to face to face appointments. Sales is a contact sport.

28. Stay top of mind. Every person you meet knows 3-5 people that will buy or sell real estate this year. Be insisted by others.

29. Don’t sell your prospects. Add value and educate them. Listen for their needs. Help them get what they want and need.

30. Be happy, have fun and do your best with what you have.

Of course, the best idea is often the one that’s actually implemented. Which of the 30 would have the greatest positive impact on your life? Try incorporating 1 per week or at least 1 per month… I DARE YOU 🙂

Strength and Courage,


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