Review of the Best Real Estate CRM Systems for Realtors in 2014

Want to Connect Easier and More Effectively With Your Customers? A Customer Relationship Management System May Be What You Need.

real estate crm reviews

What is a real estate CRM?

What are the best CRMs for a REALTOR?

Do I need a customer relationship management system?

These are questions I hear often so I decided to dedicate a post to answering some of these questions.

Before we get going I want to be very clear… DISCLAIMER… “I do not make a single dime from any company mentioned in this post whether you purchase or not, I am here to offer free advice and am not positioned to financially gain regardless of your decision”

That said, the best CRM for a REALTOR is… “the one you use”

All the systems listed here are reputable and offer value. Each have their own strong points, many features overlap while others have some unique to their own system.

Any CRM is only as good as it’s user. If you take the time to learn what it can for you and properly integrate it in your real estate system you will find great personal and professional benefits. If it sits on your computer gathering dust then… well… need I say more?

I feel it’s important to note, the point of this post is NOT to put you into a state of “analysis paralysis” over which CRM to use or if you should at all. I want you to learn the main features of these systems and then decide if now is the right time for you and then decided “yes” or “no”. Please do not get into a frenzy about “well this one has this, but that one has that”. The point is to help simplify and streamline your life not complicate it.

Check out the information below on the top real estate CRMs known to us at this time. These are not in any particular order, nor do we recommend one over the other. If you know of some we missed please leave it in the comments below.

Brian Buffini’s Referral Maker™ CRM

Based on Brian Buffini’s proven system, Referral Maker™ real estate CRM software is designed to make your real estate business fun again by making it easier to connect with your best clients. Simply set goals for your business and Referral Maker creates a daily action plan that outlines what to do, who to call and even what to say so that you can deepen your relationships and generate more referrals. Referral Maker is designed to help you take charge of your business while building relationships with new and existing clients. Pricing begins at $49/month. You can try Referral Maker for free for 30-days! Visit Referral Maker to check it out further.


IXACT Contact for Real Estate Professionals

Currently the pricing for the IXACT Contact CRM system is $34.95/month for individual Realtors and small teams who want to share a single account.

The pricing for medium to large teams (those who want to take advantage of team features) is $34.95/month for the team leader and $24.95/month for each team member.

Everyone who signs up to IXACT Contact starts out with a free 5 week trial, except new Realtors who get their first six months completely free. A new Realtor is an agent who got their license within the last 12 months.

Here are some of the features offered to Agents who choose IXACT Contact:

  • Comes with a professionally written and designed monthly real estate e-Newsletter to help you keep in touch with clients.
  • Features an Email Campaign Reporting dashboard that lets you see who’s opening, reading, and clicking on the links within your emails and identify your hot leads.
  • Includes powerful transaction management capabilities: manage all your to-do’s associated with listings, get automatic reminders, store contracts, and manage showings and third-parties related to a transaction.
  • Offers drip marketing campaigns for keeping in touch with different types of leads such as renters, FSBOs, buyers, sellers, and more. These campaigns are great for turning your leads into listings!
  • Every customer gets free and unlimited customer support.

Check out the IXACT Contact CRM here


Realty Juggler Real Estate Software

RealtyJuggler is a real estate CRM product with a primary focus on the average real estate agent.  The product is straightforward and simple to use.  Agents can get what they want done quickly without a lot of complexity.  The price is extremely affordable.  RealtyJuggler costs $99 / year which includes upgrades, technical support, as well as the product itself.

RealtyJuggler has been around since 2004 and has quite a variety of features.  There are no add-ons as all features are included in the $99/year price.

Features include DRIP mail, bulk mail, printing of labels and letters, as well as tracking of Birthdays and anniversaries, expenses, promotions, lockboxes, closings, open houses and showings and offers.  Synchronization of contacts and calendar with both Google and Outlook provides for a unified address book with any smart phone.

The agent can also feed leads from any web site into RealtyJuggler using the Email feed capability – this allows leads to be automatically loaded from the agent’s contact-me form on their web site as well as the contact me form on third party web sites such as Zillow, Trulia, as well as any IDX contact-me form the agent may already be using.

A complete letter library is also included with over 350 pre-written letters available for immediate use and customization. Letter sequences include letters for short-sales, FSBO’s, expired’s and much more.  Agents can install their own custom letterhead with company logo and contact information so that all emails and printed materials include a unified professional look.

RealtyJuggler is suitable for a single agent as well as a team of agents and can scale up to an entire office with dozens of agents.  This capability is called sharing and is flexible.  A small team can share a single unified database and assign tasks and appointments to individual teams members.  For larger teams it is possible to assign leads to individual agents so that they can only see the leads that that they have been assigned.  The broker and office manager can then supervise the entire process, feed leads to individual agents and have confidence that the deal pipeline is being properly managed.

Licensing for RealtyJuggler is done on a per-user basis.  For a team of 2 people, the cost could be 2x$99 / year.  Pricing is all-inclusive,  There are no extra charges or add-ons to purchase.  90 day free trial is available to try RealtyJuggler without cost or risk.  The free trial is literally free and requires no credit card.

Click here for more info on RealtyJuggler CRM


PropertyBase Real Estate Contact Management

PropertyBase Real Estate CRM allows you you to keep track of every thing to do with your your leads and clients. It does this by helping you build custom lists of contacts/clients who are at virtually any stage of the deal, you are able to track and connect social media feeds, create easy to use dashboards, design your own custom reporting and set up notifications on auto pilot.

PropertyBase helps you market your brand and website and to get the maximum amount of leads with it’s “web-to-prospect”, you can then route these leads to any agent you want in various offices or regions, you can also fully integrate this with your inbound leads and your favorite marketing software.

PropertyBase also allows you to integrate hundreds of apps and services like Mailchimp, Dropbox, Skype just to name a few.

PropertyBase pricing begins at $49 per month and scales up from there.

For more info on PropertyBase click here.


Top Producer Follow-Up and Lead Conversion CRM for REALTORS

Top Producer is an easy to use real estate CRM system designed to help you convert your prospects into sales.

Top Producer is a well known follow up and lead conversion tool for REALTORS. It works on Windows, MAC or mobile.

Market Snapshot is their lead gen solution designed to position you as the local expert in your marketplace.

Their proven website designs are intended to help you be found online and to begin generating leads.

Top Producer also offers many productivity apps to integrate with their other solutions.

Top Producer CRM pricing begins at $39.95/month.

Click here to check out TopProducer


WiseAgent Contact Relationship Management System

WiseAgent is a CRM or Customer Relationship Management system built specifically for real estate agents.

They specialize in data management and product integration. Wise Agent’s goal is to fully connect people with technology so members can give the best possible service to their clients and build long term relationships.

WiseAgent offers a full list of benefits and many integrated products.

They also offer a free trial and pricing starts at $24.95 per month.

Click here for more info on WiseAgent CRM


Well, I hope this info brought some light on the questions of real estate CRMs.

If you have any comments drop them in the box below.

Strength and courage,


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Comments & Responses

24 Responses so far.

  1. Great list! I also would like to recommend Snapforce CRM software. When I first involved myself with their services, it all began with a FREE trial and a live demonstration.
    For 2014 Snapforce is by-far the best ….

  2. Jim Garman says:

    Yes, and now these systems have a new competitor… Built for mobile first, built by agents and for agents, GoConnect is worth a look. (I’m biased, I helped design it). – This app helps agents manage their transactions and leads and post closing follow up.

  3. Have you looked at Leading Agent CRM?

  4. Very helpful. Thanks for the info. I am trying Realty Juggler at present. I had top producer for awhile but I was not ready for such a sophisticated system and I spent a lot of money for little return. I think Realty Juggler has what I need at this point. I am happy with it.

  5. Fran Harmon says:

    How about Leading Agent….just read briefly about it.

  6. Realtyjuggler is all any agent really needs and for $99 a year it is the cheapest and most efficient, it will compete with any Real Estate program out there. Top Producer is great also, however at $34+ per month you get nothing more than what Realtyjuggler has to offer.

  7. Wade – hope I’m not intruding here.

    Leading Agent, like Propertybase and REThink as well as some others, is based in Salesforce/ I use Leading Agent myself and love it for the customizability, the app exchange and it’ integration with Gmail and Cirrus Insight. That said, it is not for the faint hearted. It really depends upon your aptitude, your current needs and your future goals.

    Wade did a nice job here but there are some things that have changed since this was written. If you want the most current information on all things Real Estate CRM, check out my site at

  8. Pamela Burt says:

    Which system do you use???

  9. Greg Libby says:

    Thanks for writing this article. Good breakdown of the top features of the most popular CRM choices. I’ve got an 11 minute Top Producer Demo video that some if your readers may find helpful over at my blog. Cheers!

  10. Carl Florre says:

    Looking forward to the 2015 update. is one to include in 2015. Unlimited real estate lead pages, single property sites, and other lead capture functions.

  11. Amy Quimby says:

    Without a doubt RealtyAPX !!!
    I have used quite a few, including Realty Juggler and IXACT, and absolutely nothing comes close to the features of RealtyAPX. For roughly $1 per day, I have the ability to do every task, from start to post-close: transaction management, marketing campaigns, document management, and selective client portals. Although I could go on and on here, you should really see for yourself at

    My website,, is also a product of the developers. I have had incredible success in a very short period of time with its lead capturing capabilities.

  12. Ian Ziegler says:

    Use anything but Top Producer its very difficult to use and to incorporate into your business. On top of that when I cancelled the service they charged me a fee. Again, I do not recommend Top Producer.

    • garydavidhall says:

      I don’t know you and I don’t mean to be confrontational, but your comments are typical of those who committed to an annual contract and then when they changed their mind and TP would not let them out of it, go online and badmouth Top Producer simply because they were angry. It’s not right.

      I don’t agree with the annual contract that Top Producer has, but they make no secret of it. They didn’t charge you a fee, they charged you what they told you they would charge for an annual contract. They may have even reduced it to a lesser amount than the full year.

      With regards to being difficult to use, I have over 20 Real Estate CRMs for sale, and it is one of the most intuitive and easy to use out of all of them. It does a lot, so it takes longer to learn than some, so it is not for everyone, but it is not difficult to learn or use.

      Sorry but I have seen this “I’ll get back at you for making me pay what I agreed to pay” scenario go on online too many times to ignore it. People need to know the truth.

    • caryn says:

      I joined through my broker. I don’t like it and several of my co workers feel the same! I am now having to fight to get my charge refunded! It doesn’t seem right.

  13. Rainbow says:

    Real estate business improve day by day. Now it’s become very changeling. You should improve your marketing system you will success in your business. This real estate foreclosure auctions is also a great company.

  14. This article is really nice. Thank you for this post. If you want to buy or sell your apartment you can visit our website. Our website is

  15. Sean Thomas says:

    Also if you are looking for a crm with the mobile or on-the-go aspect check out Shark Agent Real Estate CRM.

  16. onsitecrm says:

    With a real estate agent CRM , you can combine the personal touch with the ease of automation. For example, that “home purchase anniversary” email you want to send? You don’t need to page though a database every morning, looking for past clients who are having said anniversary that day. Real estate CRMs are very good at remembering dates and doing something with them.

  17. sisiedi says:

    Try Microsoft Award Winning CRM Software for your Business

  18. Susan Sandberg says:

    Your list was very helpful to help me decide which CRM program that would work best for me and my business.

  19. Rick Gehrke says:

    Referral maker. The best by far! Don’t waste your time with the others!

  20. Ira says: is an interesting option to check out.

  21. Leads and contacts you obtain from your real estate marketing efforts, you need a reliable, reputable CRM system to store them. But these days, CRM software are more than just databases to hold names, email addresses, and phone numbers.

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