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    Hey Wade!

    My name is Austin Thiemann and I would like to tell you a little about myself. I recently turned 20 years old and in June of 2016 I moved to Kelowna with my Girlfriend. When I was in my Grade 11 year of high school I decided to stop letting people negatively control my decisions and pursue my dreams, I created my own clothing line. This was something I had always been passionate about and was ready to finally release it. I called it Own Life, to symbolize to people that they should not let others put them down or scare them to not do what they love and simply live their own life. (You can take a look at ownlife.ca)

    After high school I knew I needed a year off so I started to work as a salesman at a premium accessories shop Spareparts. I still work at Spareparts today and am one of the top salesman in the company. I know I have a natural talent in sales and with an entrepreneurial background I’m considering real estate to be my next step.

    I am contacting you to for advice on how to get started. I know a real estate course is a must and I’m hoping to complete that in the fall, but from what I understand real estate is a lot about who you know and as I said above I am new to Kelowna so I have yet to establish a following.

    Thank you for your time.


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