Hot Trending Companies For Real Estate Agents In 2016

hot trending support real estate companiesWe are constantly being bombarded with so many shiny items, tools and widgets for the real estate profession and it is hard to navigate the trees through the forest or really sort from all the noise. We took some time to research and look at some of the latest, hot and trending companies, products and services to locate what we feel are game changers in our industry that agents might want to and should pay attention to in 2016!

Powerful Marketing, Communication and Security Tools for Realtors The most powerful marketing tool in business without a shadow of doubt is the handwritten note. It is always read, always opened, always appreciated and shows people we took the time and we truly do care about them. This is the latest and most powerful note writing company on the market today and will be able to finally duplicate anyone’s handwriting to perfection. Check it out!  The desire to produce world class marketing materials in real estate has become a reality thanks to this incredible graphic design company that allows you to produce some incredible real estate marketing materials in only minutes. Check it out! You are always looking for images and photos that don’t require you to spend any money or pay for licensing and finally you have the best selection for images and photographs on the market and all for free. Need an image for a website, blog post or advertisement? You have found the place to look. Check it out!

hot-trending-pexels  The growing popularity for real estate is teams but the biggest challenge for the teams is communication and execution. Well here is the best tool to assist in teams getting things done, staying in touch and working as a unit and not working as separate individuals. Check it out! The internet’s most interesting spot for interviews, talk shows, casual hangouts, debates, discussions and live workshops all in one place. An amazing place for you to be known as an expert in real estate over the internet with blab. Check it out!

hot-trending-blab  The buyers and sellers are always looking to do home improvements and renovations and what would it mean to have a central resource for getting quotes, reputable contractors and saving you the home renovator time, money and stress? Well has done it. Check it out!

hot-trending-pro  The struggle for agents to find creative and unique client gifts has always been a challenge. What would it mean to be able to give your clients a choice of gift and make it clean, simple and exciting for the client all at the same time. Well loop and tie has delivered on creating the ultimate client gift experience. Check it out! Smart technology for homes is becoming the trend now and having smart home access for doors, garages and doorbell cameras for security has arrived. Intelligence to the home for smart locks, virtual key apps for the home owner, real estate agent, recreation property owners and property managers is finally a reality with august and their products. Check it out! Real estate agents security is a growing concern for our industry with 1 in 3 women are victims to assault and dialing 911 can sometimes not be an option for agents but finally a device that is wireless, Bluetooth, location sensitive and can contact police and friends is here thanks to guard llama. Check it out!

hot-trending-guard-llama Investment property is becoming more and more popular as the rents continue to rise and the vacancy rates continue to tighten. Tight lending guidelines for residential investment properties is a huge issue for the clients and the real estate agents but asset avenue has finally created an online lending solution for today’s real estate investor and agent specialist. Check it out!!


I trust these products and services are something you can use to really add value to your business, clients and take your year to another level!!

Strength and courage,


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