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Podcasts for Real Estate Agents

The most powerful way to grow your income legend Jim Rohn said is “Grow yourself first.” There is absolutely no reason today for an agent to not find the means to grow themselves. The simplest and least expensive way to increase your effectiveness as a real estate agent and get free advice and tips on a regular basis is through podcasts. Podcasts have been growing steadily in popularity, with 17% of Americans listening to podcasts monthly (and 10% listening every […]

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Real Estate Agents and The Power Of 80/20 Thinking

In 1897 — Vilfrerin Pareto, Italian economist, discovers that 20% of the world’s population enjoys 80% of the world’s wealth. He later confirms the 80/20 principle is at work in most areas of life — 20% of land produces 80% of the food, 20% of plants produce 80% of the oxygen, 20% of motorists cause 80% of accidents, 20% of beer drinkers drink 80% of all beer, 20% of people who marry are involved in 80% of all divorces, 20% […]

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30 Tips To Make 2016 Your Best Year In Real Estate

Want to make 2016 your best year ever as a REALTOR? Rhetorical question of course. How does one improve at their favorite sport? Go to the next level as a musician? Become a better artist? Typically it’s learning little tips, techniques and tricks and then slowly and consistently over time implementing them. Improving your Real Estate “game” is no different. It’s far easier, more effective and sustainable to implement many little changes over time than trying to make big life/business […]

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Must Read Real Estate Books for Realtors in 2016

Feed your Real Estate business with the Knowledge… Wisdom and Experience of Others One of my greatest mentor’s Jim Rohn said “Earners are Learners and if you want to grow your income, then you need to grow yourself.” So here are my recommendations for must read books in 2016 and trust you will find them full of rich content to help you grow personally and professionally in the coming year. Rookie Smarts by Liz Wiseman Is it possible to be […]

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How To Create A Breakthrough In Real Estate

I recently had the privilege of spending 4 incredible life changing days with one of the greatest mentors in the world, Tony Robbins. I learned so many different things but the most impactful lesson for me was the power of the human mind and our own psychology. We all have the ability to decipher what is really going on in our lives and situations. The challenge is we have not been taught (including myself) how to access these skills and create the change in […]

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Real Estate Success Comes From Energy Management and Not Time Management

The past ten months has been a reminder for me and my family how important our health is and how our health is the foundation for everything else in our personal and professional lives. For almost a year now my 12 year old daughter Goldie has been struggling with her own health and it has really impacted our family and a is huge reminder how fragile anyone, including my own health really is. We have seen so many doctors and […]

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Summer Vacation From Real Estate or You Worked Remotely?

Summer 2015 is quickly coming to an end, can you believe we are back to school and back to fall work season once again? It seems like it flew by so fast! Are you like me and tired of never really taking a vacation from real estate or more importantly, is your family and friends tired of going on vacation with you because your working remotely? Now be honest, did you take a vacation this summer and sit on your phone […]

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Why Should a Person Do Business with Me as a Realtor?

I was recently attending an event and presentation in Miami with speaker and author Mike Staver that really challenged and inspired me to share with you all. Let me start by asking… “As a real estate agent, why should a person do business with you?” What would you tell them if you were asked that important question. “Why would I do business with you?” Amazingly, why someone does business with you are not necessarily the reasons you may think! Statistically […]

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How To Create That Perfect Week In Real Estate

Scheduling a Balanced Week as a REALTOR is Vital to Your Success It amazes me when I start with a coaching client from day one we always create the perfect week in real estate. How important is it taking a blank week schedule template with the days of the week running across the top and the time of day from 5 am to 10 pm running down the side and scheduling that perfect week? We all have heard the advice “finish your week before […]

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Must Read Real Estate Books for Realtors in 2015

Feed Your Real Estate Business with the Knowledge… Wisdom and Experience of Others As a young man in school I really struggled with school and to be honest I read very little unless I had to. In my early years as a real estate agent I had the privilege to see Jim Rohn speak at an event. Jim was the most amazing business speakers I have ever seen to this day. He made a few comments like grow yourself and […]

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The Right Mindset In Real Estate

Willing to Change Your Mind about Your Real Estate Business? Everyone has a story, reason or an excuse why they can’t do what we are supposed to do every day in real estate, including me! Albert Schweitzer was quoted “Conformity, we all just do what all the others do to fit in.” Did we get into real estate to be like everyone else? Is it time to stop conforming and start separating ourselves from the herd? In order to stop […]

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You Need To Stay On Script In Real Estate Sales

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The Benefits Of Real Estate Scripts, Dialogs & Canned Sales Presentations Script- A series of questions and words to lead someone to a desired result. I was reminded this past week while attending an intense sales training course in California of the incredible importance of using scripts, dialogs and canned sales presentations as a base to your sales success in the real estate business. As a real estate coach it is our job to really instill the skills to agents on what […]

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10 High Performance Triggers For Productivity and Influence

Brendon Burchard Shares How to Get it Done in Your Real Estate Business Last year I had the privilege to spend 3 full days with my mentor and coach Brendon Burchard and really felt compelled to share this amazing content from the man himself to help you further succeed in your real estate business. This is what it takes to reach your highest levels of clarity, courage, energy and productivity personally and as a REALTOR. This is a model to […]


5 Techniques For Effective Communication as a REALTOR

Overcome the Biggest Challenge in Real Estate Sales… “Leads don’t matter because lead conversion is where the money is.” ~ B Pipes. Recently, the biggest challenge in our industry was getting enough leads for our real estate business… today the biggest challenge in real estate sales is managing the leads and actually converting them into appointments. Lead conversion comes down to your ability to be an incredible sales person that grabs the consumer, maintains the consumers attention and more importantly […]

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7 Secrets To Consistency In Real Estate

Learn the Keys to Being Consistent as a REALTOR Over and over we get the feedback from real estate agents the biggest challenge they have with their business is being consistently inconsistent. Taking consistent action is one of the most important steps to achieving at a high level in anything but it is also the one that that eludes most people. So what stops agents from taking consistent action? What causes them to give up or to stay with it […]

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Top 8 Real Estate Productivity Boosters

Learn the Steps to Maximize Your Time and Effort as a REALTOR Anyone interested in learning how to effectively increase their real estate business productivity? …thought so! I recently spent 2 days with a mentor, friend and coach Rich Robbins and was reminded how quickly we can begin to slide back to the way we used to do things (or not do things) and the power of people being creatures of habit. This time with my friend reminded of the […]

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Must Read Books for Realtors in 2014

Feed Your Real Estate Business with the Knowledge… Wisdom and Experience of Others As a young man in school I really struggled with school and to be honest I read very little unless I had to. In my early years as a real estate agent I had the privilege to see Jim Rohn speak at an event. Jim was the most amazing business speakers I have ever seen to this day. He made a few comments like grow yourself and […]

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