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How Do I Schedule More Real Estate Appointments?

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We all know in real estate communication is everything and how we feel on the inside is what is coming out to people on the outside through your words, tone and energy. We all want the client to feel good when we communicate with them so it starts by us feeling good ourselves! You can’t be a lean mean appointment setting machine if you are someone who is sad, angry, depressed or totally stressed out on the inside because that […]

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It’s Your Time

I had the privilege of attending a mentor and friend Tom Ferry at his summit the past week and something just resonated from his event I just had to share. For more than two decades I have seen so much disbelief with agents about this industry. So many REALTORS are thinking and saying to themselves there has got to be some easier way to be more successful in the real estate business, but the reality is, if there was an […]

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Are You Finding It Impossible To Focus As An Agent?

 In a world filled with instant access to information, smart phones, computers, emails, texts, coworkers and friends, finishing a solid eight hours of uninterrupted work seems nearly impossible in the world of real estate. Avoiding these distractions, however, is not a Herculean task. Just like getting to the gym each day and exercising, staying focused in real estate, while at work is a matter of building good habits and knowing what those good habits are. Let us have a look […]

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Overwhelmed? Get In Control and Get Stuff Done.

I want to share with you some great content from a good friend, mentor and time management expert who just happens to live in my hometown Hugh Culver www.HughCulver.com. Unless you live under a rock, you get overwhelmed. Too many choices, interruptions, competing demands on your time, and trying to get stuff done – with so little time. Maybe it’s part of the territory, or a phase you or your business are going through, but being overwhelmed, out of control, […]

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Secrets To Using Linkedin For Today’s Real Estate Agent

Is LinkedIn a Waste of Time for a REALTOR? We are all creatures of habit and have many routines we repeat daily. Part of my routine is checking my IPhone after getting up and having a healthy breakfast, reading the news and briefly scanning the social networks before I leave my home to the office for the day. The ongoing debate in the real estate industry is the effectiveness of social media and in particular the use of LinkedIn and whether an agent can actually […]

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8 Most Common Mistakes Agents Make In Real Estate

Are You Making These Mistakes in Your Real Estate Biz? For more than two decades I have watched, read and heard all the different mistakes that are being made and what agents are doing to sabotage their careers and it amazes me the same top mistakes keep coming up year after year by REALTORS in the real estate industry. You would think after more than twenty or even thirty years these mistakes would change but they are still the same top mistakes […]

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How I Sold 27 Homes In 28 Days

Position Your Real Estate Business for Success in 2015 Starting Now As the year begins to wind down and the temptation to let the foot off your real estate business gas pedal I always smile thinking about my success in February 2004 when I was fortunate enough to sell 27 homes in 28 days. What most people don’t realize is it was what I did in November and December of 2003 that allowed me that success. Right now is a […]

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Top 8 Real Estate Productivity Boosters

Learn the Steps to Maximize Your Time and Effort as a REALTOR Anyone interested in learning how to effectively increase their real estate business productivity? …thought so! I recently spent 2 days with a mentor, friend and coach Rich Robbins and was reminded how quickly we can begin to slide back to the way we used to do things (or not do things) and the power of people being creatures of habit. This time with my friend reminded of the […]

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Top Tips For Building A Real Estate Team in 2014

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We are seeing the future of our industry evolve and the concept of real estate teams has been trending strongly once again in the past decade. The early concept of a real estate team was having an assistant but most top producers had no idea what their assistant’s role was, tasks were or how to really leverage an assistant with their business. The whole idea behind a real estate team and the team members is to provide value to you […]

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A Lost Art In Real Estate Sales – The Hand Written Note

REALTORS! Discover the Impact of Personal Hand Written Notes. In my real estate business I was reminded so many times the last week or two about the powerful impact a personal hand written note has on people. My mentor Harvey Mackay says “Short handwritten notes yield long results”… Why has something that was effectively done consistently by generations before us become a forgotten art? Personal gestures are meaningful and memorable and right at the top of personal gestures sit hand […]

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2014 Realtor Must Have Mobile Apps for Your Real Estate Business

Featuring 20 of the Top 62 Mobile Apps Every Real Estate Agent Needs for 2014 Many Realtors still think mobile apps consist of silly games and time killers… although many can be, there are also thousands that can be used to help organize, maximize and enhance your real estate business. How effective is a carpenter without his tool belt? My team and I scoured the web and pulled together a list of 62 awesome mobile apps tailored to help realtors […]

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Dial Up Your Optimism

Fuel Your Real Estate Business With the Power of Optimism This week we have another Guest Post… Just as I gleaned from many different mentors and information sources in my career, I want to offer you input and experience from a vast range of perspectives as well. Clint Best was my very first business coach when I transitioned from selling real estate to broker owner. He is a mentor for ownership and management and a good friend that has worked, […]

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‘Tis the Season to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Want to Know the Most Important Time of Year for My Real Estate Business? We are approaching the single most important time of year for each of my 20 years in the real estate business. As the listings and sales season start to temper we have the tendency to want to take it easy and relax but I am here to say… NOT JUST YET!!! This was the time of year where I took full advantage of my time and […]

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5 Fundamentals from Jim Rohn for Your Best Real Estate Quarter Ever

Want to End Your Real Estate Business Year With a Bang? Implement These 5 Fundamentals. Over the summer holidays I had come across material from the late great business philosopher Jim Rohn. Jim shared his secrets to having the best quarter in your real estate business ever. How many of you would like the last quarter of 2013 to be your best quarter in business ever? Here are Jim’s 5 Fundamentals to make this your best quarter in business ever. […]

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Closing the Gap – Dirk Zeller of Real Estate Champions

Take Notes from Dirk Zeller Who Sold 150+ Homes per Year Working 4 Days a Week Dirk Zeller has been a friend, mentor and coach of mine for almost a decade. Dirk is the CEO of his company Real Estate Champions, Dirk is famous for his ability as an individual Agent to sell 150+ homes per year working only 4 days a week. Many thanks to Dirk for sharing some of his wisdom with us this week… I was watching “Bug’s […]

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Growing Your Real Estate Business – The Compound Effect

Simple Plan to Double Your Real Estate Income 3 Times in 10 Years This week I am reflecting from David Chilton’s book The Wealthy Barber and his compelling story of the effect on your financial world with compounding interest on saving and investing money. This same principle can be implemented into our real estate business and have the same incredible impact to our business growth. So many of us set income goals every year but how many of us set […]

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Develop Your Own Platinum Partner Marketing Network – Learn How

Use this Leverage Strategy to Create a Steady Income Stream for Your Real Estate Business One of my desires in business is to leverage what I do in real estate with what other service providers and businesses do in theirs. The goal is to help expose them and their services to the people I know personally and professionally. I truly believe that leverage and focusing on what others need in their business and helping them will in turn help me […]

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Real Estate the Disney Way… Create Your Own Magic

Improve Your Real Estate Business by Learning From the Best… “I believe in being an innovator” ~ Walt Disney ~ My wife recently bought me 2 books about Disney, the amazing organization it has become and all the things that make it so incredible. I thought to myself what could we do in real estate to be more like Disney? How many of us still remember the first time they visited a Disney theme park? They proudly proclaim it is […]

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Key Strategies to Win the House Pricing War Back from the “Sellers”

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How to Win the House Pricing “Tug of War”… The Battle is Raging and Agents are Not Winning You may be surprised to learn that lately 60% of homes listed in the  OMREB area did not sell. That equates to more than 6,000 homes in 2012 left unsold. Who is winning the pricing war? Seller or agent? With the numbers above I would say the seller. Why? Does any seller believe any other home compares to theirs? NO… of course […]

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People Don’t Buy for Logical Reasons… They Buy for Emotional Reasons… What are Your Client’s Reasons?

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What is Your Client’s Pain or Pleasure? Do You Have a Clue? In order to have a client do what you want them to do you must first help them discover their inner pain or pleasure. Joe Stumpf ~ My Mentor There are only two emotions that trigger someone to act and those are “pain” and “pleasure”. In the real estate business I find so many agents do not recognize the importance of discovering what their buyer or seller’s true […]

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