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[Podcast #6] Agents Boost How to Get a 22 Percent Return on Investment from Real Estate Database

Click Here to Hear Audio Podcast Agents Boost How to Get a 22 Percent Return on Investment from Real Estate Database Hi everybody, it’s Wade Webb, the author of “The Lazy Realtor” and founder of Agents Boost. So many times agents are focused on finding that next customer and finding that next deal and we forget about the value of the existing clients that we’ve already done business with. All those people that we have in our relationships list in our […]

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Real Estate the Disney Way… Create Your Own Magic

Improve Your Real Estate Business by Learning From the Best… “I believe in being an innovator” ~ Walt Disney ~ My wife recently bought me 2 books about Disney, the amazing organization it has become and all the things that make it so incredible. I thought to myself what could we do in real estate to be more like Disney? How many of us still remember the first time they visited a Disney theme park? They proudly proclaim it is […]

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People Don’t Buy for Logical Reasons… They Buy for Emotional Reasons… What are Your Client’s Reasons?

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What is Your Client’s Pain or Pleasure? Do You Have a Clue? In order to have a client do what you want them to do you must first help them discover their inner pain or pleasure. Joe Stumpf ~ My Mentor There are only two emotions that trigger someone to act and those are “pain” and “pleasure”. In the real estate business I find so many agents do not recognize the importance of discovering what their buyer or seller’s true […]

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1 Day… 1 Week… 1 Month… Invest a Little Earn a Fortune.

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What is Your Definition of Customer Service As a Realtor? This is Mine… 1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month One of my mentors always said to me… “The sale really begins the day the client moves in.” I thought to myself, what does he mean the sale really begins the day the client moves in? Most of our real estate clients have an expectation of customer service before and during the property transaction. Are we in this business to “meet” […]

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