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So What Are The Fab Five in Real Estate?

I am a huge believer of tracking and measuring everything we do in real estate so we can tell what is working, what is not working and what we are doing well and more importantly what we frankly should just do more of. The second half of the year is about doing more of what works and if you do more of that you obviously like your chances of finishing the year strong. I coach, train and speak to hundreds […]

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Why My Listing Just Isn’t Selling?

We are past the end of our spring market and have entered the summer market. Let me ask you this question. Do you have a listing that just isn’t selling? Or even worse, sellers are dominating the conversation because of what is happening in the media? This week I’ve got solutions for both of those scenarios so you can sell your properties faster and get your customers what they want. So why isn’t the listing selling? Write this down….. If […]

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How To Build Your Personal Real Estate Brand

Branding is such a crucial component of success. Think of some of the largest companies in the world — from Nike’s “swoosh” to Apple’s icon — everyone is familiar with the brands they created. I am a huge fan of agents taking the time to invest in themselves as a brand just like some of those big companies. It is important real estate agents have their brand within their corporate brands and build mindshare. Today, building your personal brand is […]

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Real Estate 12 Days Before Christmas Must Do’s 2017

Effective Real Estate Strategies Just Before Christmas On the First Day of real estate my true love gave to me… Spend some focused time on your real estate database prior to 2017. If you don’t have a database then assemble one. Take the time to build a monthly database touch system for 2017 making specific activities each month to add value and deepen your relationships with your database. This “give to get” activity is the best way to increase repeat […]

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How Do I Schedule More Real Estate Appointments?

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We all know in real estate communication is everything and how we feel on the inside is what is coming out to people on the outside through your words, tone and energy. We all want the client to feel good when we communicate with them so it starts by us feeling good ourselves! You can’t be a lean mean appointment setting machine if you are someone who is sad, angry, depressed or totally stressed out on the inside because that […]

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The 12 Days Of Real Estate Christmas – Top 12 Real Estate Must Do’s

On the First Day of real estate my true love gave to me… Spend some focused time on your real estate database prior to 2016. If you don’t have a database then assemble one. If you have an existing database take the time and purge the contacts you don’t really have a relationship with. Take some time and courage to contact your database and qualify by asking; “if they had a friend or family member buying and selling, who would they refer and recommend?” […]

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[Podcast #6] Agents Boost How to Get a 22 Percent Return on Investment from Real Estate Database

Click Here to Hear Audio Podcast Agents Boost How to Get a 22 Percent Return on Investment from Real Estate Database Hi everybody, it’s Wade Webb, the author of “The Lazy Realtor” and founder of Agents Boost. So many times agents are focused on finding that next customer and finding that next deal and we forget about the value of the existing clients that we’ve already done business with. All those people that we have in our relationships list in our […]

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Want to Know How to Get a 1085% Return On Your Real Estate Database?

Harness the Power of Relationship Marketing as a REALTOR Before we dive into the power of your real estate database and how to extract said power into building your business, I want to give credit for this post’s inspiration to Vancouver, B.C. agent Keith Roy and his presentation I attended this June. Keith wanted to remind us of the importance of our database, sphere of influence and show us how much business is sitting there waiting to be tapped into […]

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