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Why Video Is So Important To Our Marketing

As you probably know, there is a big shift in video across social media for REALTORS. Agents typically fall into 3 categories when it comes to video… They avoid it completely They do it but not very well They are crushing it! What category are you and your real estate business in? Video has become the normal way in which many people consume information online. Most agents are missing a big opportunity by not using video. Even from a listing […]

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Secrets To Real Estate Video

Engage Your Clients With A Real Estate Video Story Why is it, not excluding myself of course, so difficult for the real estate industry to really embrace the world of video and take our real estate business to the next level? Video is so valuable today that Google bought YouTube to maintain control of the number one and number two search engine tools online and doesn’t that have to tell us something? Video in real estate is so much more […]

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