What To Say To An Online Lead On The Phone?

Learn the Art of Closing a Phone Lead

close more phone leadsThere are 2 specific things you must do for every phone conversation you have with a real estate lead if you want to close the sale.

1) Gain control
2) ARPing

The ability to hyper-personalize a sales call gives you an unfair advantage where you can properly and legally stalk a lead and use the intel you gather on them during the first minute and throughout your follow up call.

You can quickly use social media, mostly Facebook, mobile apps and google searches to win the sale before it even begins. Don’t think of the intel you gather as data but think of it more as ammunition for converting your leads and connecting with them quickly. Remember it is still “speed to lead” so don’t let the importance of collecting more information on the lead trump the following up in under five minutes.

So why get the extra information on the lead when we follow up you ask? This allows you to have some solid talking points and generate conversations with your leads rather than not having anything to talk about. All you need is two to four specific data points for your discussion with the leads. So here is the first dialog between you and your lead.

Hey _______, my name is __________ and I am with ______________. I was calling about __________ and I noticed _________, __________, and _____________ before I called you.

What to Say to a Real Estate Lead on the Phone… In Action!!

Part 1:
Hey Susie, my name is Wade and I work with Royal Lepage. I was calling about the home you found using Realtor.ca over on Maple Street, that is for sale and currently asking $575,000.”

Part 2 – Gather Intel:

  1. The first step in collecting your intel and bullet points is to google the leads email address and not google their name. You can find specific intel on someone’s email address rather than a name in most cases. Their email address is actually their online thumbprint in most cases with the internet and google searches.
  2. The second step is to do a quick Facebook search using their email address (or phone number) you collected from the lead contact information. If you can’t find 2-4 points about your lead using Google and Facebook then try using tools like Spokeo, Intelius, Wink, Zabasearch and PeekYou. The best would be the app called Charlie for stalking leads and gathering intel on them. Charlie will show you the person’s interests and hobbies which make engaging data points for your conversations.
  3. The third step is to jot down two to four talking points or insights about the lead that show you have done your homework on them. These bullets will then disarm the lead and by inserting hyper-personalized data points into your script at the very beginning. “Hey, _________, my name is _______ and I work for __________ Looks like you ________, __________, ____________ and ______________. How are you today?

Gaining control over a lead and the follow up call can be done with one simple sentence.

Hey Susie, my name is Wade and I work with Royal Lepage. I was calling about the home you found using Realtor.ca over on Maple Street, that is for sale and currently asking $575,000. I need you to please grab a pen and paper so that I can give you some information that isn’t available online. Let me know when you are ready. Or “Can you please grab a pen and paper – I want to give you my personal contact information in case we get disconnected. Or “I have information that you are going to want to joy down. Can you please grab a pen and paper and let me know when you are ready.” Qualified leads will 95% of the time grab a pen and paper. Then ask them the question “Tell me the primary reason why you inquired about [ property address ].

As you go through this process the seller will undoubtedly have questions, which is perfectly understandable and acceptable. The important thing is to handle these quickly and to their satisfaction so you can get back on track with closing the lead. I shared one of my favorite tactics to deal with questions below.

ARP Technique – Acknowledge, Respond, Pivot

Acknowledge – Repeat what they said and then tag it with “No Problem”. This way they know they have been heard 100 percent with certainty. For example if they ask “I Just want to know how many covered parking spots the listing has? You reply with “You would like to know how many covered parking spots the listing has? No Problem.”
Respond – Follow the Acknowledge with a very simple and straight forward response but never really answering their question specifically. “So how many covered parking spots do you need in the home you are buying?”
Pivot – Usually a question to get the conversation back on track to where you want it to be going. First in a series of questions digging deeper with the lead. For example “So what else would you want to know?”

I hope this overview of what to say to your real estate leads on the phone takes some of the mystery and fear out of this form of communication. It really can be as simple as stated above to gain trust, engage and close the sale at the end of the call… Try it and see for yourself.

Strength and courage,


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