10 High Performance Triggers For Productivity and Influence

Brendon Burchard Shares How to Get it Done in Your Real Estate Business

real estate productivity triggersLast year I had the privilege to spend 3 full days with my mentor and coach Brendon Burchard and really felt compelled to share this amazing content from the man himself to help you further succeed in your real estate business.

This is what it takes to reach your highest levels of clarity, courage, energy and productivity personally and as a REALTOR. This is a model to help you understand and transcend why you are not being productive or persuasive in any area of your personal or professional life.

Why is it we do or do not take action or be productive or our clients do or do not take action while we work with them? What do we need to trigger to influence ourselves and others?

10 Triggers that Affect Productivity and Influence

  1. Future Identity – The main thing we are moving toward. You and or your client need to see that this activity will get you or them to the goal in the future. Without being able to see ourselves succeeding we won’t take action. You don’t attach enough emotional energy because you can’t see the identity attachment.
  2. Intrinsic Value – Personal motivational, rewarding activities that you would do without external reward and that you have joy no matter what the outcome. Are you or your client enjoying the activity and feeling fulfilled and engaged.
  3. Utilitarian Value – You will take action and produce more if you believe you will get something out of it internally or externally. You and the client can feel you will get something useful out of this.
  4. Opportunity Cost – We don’t produce enough because we have competing interests and battle with what we are valuing or giving up. What does our mind trick us into thinking we are giving up or losing out on?
  5. Delay Time – How long you believe it will take to celebrate and succeed at what you are doing. If you believe it is a long delay time the less time we are interested. Question your belief of your delay times and figure out how we can shorten our success time.
  6. Personal Control – Your belief in being able to control your outcome. If you believe that you have no control with the outcome then you don’t engage and tend to just give up. Examine the amount of control you have and don’t fall into the trap.
  7. Social support – You believe that friends, family and loved ones won’t support you and tend to avoid without others support. Engage our support and show others how to get their support too and break though the trap.
  8. Bandwidth belief – You are already too busy and you don’t have more time, energy and stretch left to do and be more. Belief in time management and energy management allows us all to stretch and have more bandwidth than we believed. Commitment is the issue not the bandwidth.
  9. Resource availability – I don’t have the money, talent, team and more to accomplish this goal. Resources can be created, bought and found and be resourceful and not focus on lack of resources.
  10. Autonomy – Not believing you have the authority and experience to lead to the outcome we want and have the ability to make things happen. You must empower your self and others to take it on alone.

If you have an area of your life or business that you are lacking production and persuasion on others please take the above categories and measure yourself from 1-10 scale and identify the triggers that turn that area from a 2 or 3 and make it a 7 or 8 in the next 60 days.

Strength and courage,

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