20 Real Estate Agent Tech Tips for 2014

Let Technology Take a Load Off Your Real Estate Business With These Handy Tools

real estate agent tech tips 2014As a REALTOR running your real estate business every second counts and now more than ever details, organization and off-loading is crucial to staying on top of your game.

Fortunately in 2014 there are more gadgets and tech-toys then one can shake a stick at and if properly harnessed can not only add to your bottom line but can also remove stress from your schedule freeing you up for more important things or maybe even a game of golf?

DISCLAIMER: Some of the items listed are free and others come at a cost, regardless the price we will not be compensated should you choose to pick up any of these items. The info in this post is free with no strings attached.

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realtor infographics#1 Infographics

Allows you to illustrate your data and stats into 30 different visuals and then publish them to social media networks

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real estate memes

 #2 Memes – Meme Creator

A picture is worth a thousand words and a picture with a handful of words is worth a million lulz.  Meme Creator helps you show and say exactly what’s on your mind with as little or much sarcasm as you can muster.


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awesome screenshot agents

#3 Screen Capture – Awesome Screen Shot

Capture the whole webpage or any portion, annotate screenshot, blur sensitive info, one-click upload to share www.diigo.com or save to your hard drive.
Available for Firefox – Chrome –


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real estate qr code generator#4 QR Codes – QR Code Generator

Create QR Codes and custom colors, shapes and logo.  The easiest and fanciest QR Code generator available,
to create and share custom QR Codes.



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pdf tools real estate agents

#5 PDF Tools – PDF Tools. Egedsoft.com

Free – merge 2 or more files (images, PSD, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML) into a new PDF document.
Convert any document to PDF. Rotate PDF Document.  Convert any file to .jpg


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ie tab professionals

#6 Internet Explorer – I.E. Tab

Display web pages using IE within Chrome and Firefox.  Supports Active X controls,
Sharepoint, ICBC, Alipay


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web surfing internet realtor#7 Web Surfing – Too Many Tabs for Chrome

Chrome extension that manages your tabs, reduces tab overflow and saves your sanity!

Too Many Tabs – Chrome



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web surfing timer realty agent

#8 Web Surfing – Web Timer for Chrome

Curious about how you’re spending your time online?  Care to know how long your kids
spend on FaceBook?  Parental controls are one way, or you could use Web Timer.
A great tool that shows which parts of the web you visit most.

Web Timer – Chrome





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time management realtor

#9 Web Surfing – Remind Me for Chrome

Lets you create reminders as they pop in your head and will sync to other Chrome installs
(laptop, tablet, phone)

 Remind Me – Chrome

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rss reader feedly real estate

 #10 RSS Reader – Feedly

Best RSS Reader at the moment since Google Reader shut down.



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pocket reader real estate business

 #11 Reader – Get Pocket

Press the GetPocket button at the top corner of the browser and it will store the particular page
so you can read later.  Also carries over to your laptop, tablet, phone versions of Chrome.



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bugmenot realtors

 #12 Privacy – Bug Me Not

Automatically fills in login fields with shard accounts that others have already created…
keeping your private information – private!


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 realtor privacy tool#13 Privacy Panic Button

Press the button installed and instantly hide all your open tabs.  Press the button a second time
to restore your hidden tabs

Panic Button – Chrome



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#14 Price Comparison – Invisible Handprice comparison realtors

Scours the web for lower prices on items you’re looking up.

Available for Firefox, Chrome and Safari

Invisible Hand

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realtor social media

 #15 Social Media – Buffer

Staggers your updates on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit and Hacker News



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google url shortener agents

 #16 Social Media – Goo.gl URL Shortener

Take long links and make them shorter.
Also provides click details and generates a QR Code.



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goji smart lock realty

#17 For the Home – Goji Smart Lock

Sends picture alerts to your phone, ability to send access to your home to anyone via text or
email at any time of the day and anywhere in the world with internet access.

Works with all smart phones.  24/7 support.

Goji Smart Lock

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real estate protection

#18 For the Home – Nest Protect

The Nest Protect “smoke + CO alarm” senses smoke, carbon monoxide, heat, light and motion.
The device is configured over a Wi-Fi network, and works with iOS and Android.

Nest Protect


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#19 real estate presentation softwarePresentations – Apple TV

Apple TV is so much more than movies, music and TV shows. One of my favorites features is AirPlay, which enables you to wirelessly stream or mirror content from your Mac or iOS device. Adding an Apple TV to the office will eliminate the need for projectors and muddled audio visual cables, and will transform any conference room or training center.

Apple TV

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realtor time management watches

#20 Over the Top – Pebble Smart Watch

The Pebble is a sleek watch with tremendous upside. It features changeable straps, apps,
e-paper display, is waterproof and, unlike the Samsung Galaxy Gear, the Pebble supports
iOS and Android, and has a super-long battery life of five to seven days.

Pebble Smart Watch

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Hopefully you find some value and maybe even some free time using some of these tech tools.

If you have some others you’d like to share with the group, please add them into the comments below.

Strength and courage,


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