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20 Ways To Generate Real Estate Leads In 2020 Under $20

Wade Webb
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zero or low cost marketing real estate 2020There is this myth in real estate that lead generation is expensive or it has to be expensive for it to be effective marketing in today’s world. Although I agree there are some very pricey marketing tactics in play right now, I assure you there are countless highly effective tactics that are “zero” cost  or low cost to the agent and I know from the thousands of agents I have done work with these 20 lead generation activities work for any agent in any place in the world….

1. Agent to Agent referral system. It is who we know and who knows us to send us the referrals. 2. Always follow up and add value to any no sale or no appointment client lead. You just never know when they are ready. 3. Divorce attorneys. Bank foreclosure attorneys. 4. Sphere of influence. You need to be known, liked, trusted and seen. Top of mind. 5. Buyer house warming or Seller farewell parties that are financed by your professional service providers. 6. Mortgage lenders or bank loan managers. 7. Trades, contractors or small business owners. 8. Volunteer at charity, fundraiser or community events. 9. Estate attorney or notary. 10. Networking events like chamber, rotary or business after 5pm. 11. Attend community event calendar events where there are people to meet. 12. Find a club on like a hiking or running club. 13. Attend garage sales or help people host their garage sale. Offer garage sale kits or hosting services for no cost. 14. Email marketing campaigns don’t cost a thing. 15. Social media campaigns. 16. Video campaigns. 17. Blog – written or video. 18. Open house. 19. Expired listing (if applicable) For Sale By Owners. 20. Career apparel – car logo, name tag, logo on clothing.  


1. Seminars. 2. Public relations submitting articles to the editors. 3. Testimonials – google, yelp, written, video.

Don’t let the myth stop you from taking action and I challenge you to take action and implement and execute some of these lead generation ideas in 2020. Let me know how you make out and please share in the comments below any other fabulous low or no cost lead generation activities that work for you year in and year out.

Strength and courage, Wade


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