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3D Home Tours Have Impacted Real Estate Seller’s Markets

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When buying in a tight market, 3-D home tours give buyers a unique perspective on potential homes and provide critical online information. The 360 degree home tour helps the buyer gain an advantage on their fellow buyer competitor. As a creative traditionalist, I’ve always believed a good photographer can capture a home’s depth and amenities as well as any virtual tour. In a matter of hours buyers learn in a tight market any offer less than full price was at an immediate disadvantage, and you have to place your offer as soon as — or before — the home hits the market if you want to stand a chance. In many cases, you won’t have time to see properties in person. I now know a smooth, immersive 3-D walking tour helps the anxious buyer prepare to make a confident offer without seeing the property in person. You get a much better idea of how your furniture will match a room’s layout. They’ve also brought life to listing agent notes like, “Great mountain views from the rear deck.” This technology lets you walk through a garage, go upstairs and into bathrooms. It lets you see where you’ll be putting your groceries down as you hold the door open with your foot. It allows you to be there without being there. Room-to-room flow, finishes and space are all much more accurately conveyed via 3-D tours. It’s a very tough time to be a buyer. We need every tool out there to enable us to move fast and make smart offer decisions. The more we learn about a home online, the better equipped we’ll be to work with an agent. Relative to that, I’m finding in today’s marketplace — or at least the one most buyers are shopping in — the agent’s role as information provider is shrinking. The web moves much faster than they can, and I don’t hold that against them. Most importantly, the role of transaction manager — and therapist — has become more critical than ever. The value we’ve been provided to date is well beyond 3 percent of the transaction. 3-D tours, whether they’re done with iGuide, Matterport, Immoviewer, Virtual reality or any of the others, are vital to capturing a buyer’s Interest.

iGuide : 

Virtual Reality :

Immoviewer :

Matterport : 

Check some of these examples then strongly consider implementing this strategy if you don’t already.

Strength and courage, Wade

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