5 Techniques For Effective Communication as a REALTOR

Overcome the Biggest Challenge in Real Estate Sales…

realtor communiction and conversion skills“Leads don’t matter because lead conversion is where the money is.” ~ B Pipes.

Recently, the biggest challenge in our industry was getting enough leads for our real estate business… today the biggest challenge in real estate sales is managing the leads and actually converting them into appointments.

Lead conversion comes down to your ability to be an incredible sales person that grabs the consumer, maintains the consumers attention and more importantly gets them to take action!

How do you engage, communicate with and get people to take action? The quickest and most powerful way to do this is called Modeling.

Modeling is simply following what the “best in the business” say and do and learn it and then do it like you have been doing it all your life.

Keep in mind the following stats… Communication is:

  • 7% of the words you say
  • 28% of the tone you use
  • 65% of your body language.

Top 5 Techniques for Becoming a Powerful Real Estate Sales Communicator

1) Memorize… rehearse and internalize your scripts and dialogs. Why do so many in our industry have a negative feeling towards this? All the top sales professionals follow scripts and dialogs. Without a script you are 93% ineffective as a communicator.

I hear this all the time, Wade I don’t want to sound canned. Well at least we should sound planned.

Do you have the right stuff in your scripts and dialogs?

Here are some action steps.

  • Say out loud 10 times a day your scripts and dialogs until you have it to memory.
  • Record your scripts and dialogs with video and audio and play and watch it over and over.
  • Once you have it internalized then begin to make it your own and sounding like you.
  • Working with 3 or 4 partners in the office for role playing 10-15 minutes a day will change your success!

2) Attitude… Move your attitude and purpose in real estate from “making the sale” to “making a difference”. Communication is a transference of energy between people so make sure you don’t have “commission breath” baby!

Some questions for you.

  • Where is your focus? You or them?
  • What is there problem?
  • What is the solution? How can you help, serve and assist them?
  • What do they need that you can provide?
  • What do you need to let go of to allow yourself to just to focus on them?

3) Speaking With Authority… 28% of communication is how you say it. Does your voice get higher and upswing or lower and downswing at the end of a question or statement?

The upswing in your voice makes the client feel doubt and skepticism.

A downswing in your voice allows them to feel and hear certainty, trust and like you truly care.

When you video and record take the time to really listen if you are ending your statements and questions with a downswing in tone. It will impact your results tremendously!

4) Use The Response Pattern… Are people not responding to your questioning?

Is their a deafening silence between questions?

When you question and sound like you don’t care or make them feel doubt the client tends to be afraid to respond to your questions in fear of rejection, disappointment or that you may disagree with their answer.

Create a deeper connection with your client by asking more questions, listening and letting them answer, shutting up, repeating their answers and approving their response with words like excellent, great, terrific or ouch.

5) Bring The Energy… Energy and passion can trump any lack of sales skills and your passion is key to their buying! You can bring more energy by standing up when making your calls, using hand gestures or even just using a great big smile.

In the end it is not about the lead generation, the money is in the lead conversion and setting the appointments.

If you don’t become a great salesperson it does not matter unless you can master the skill of conversion.

I trust you can break this information down and begin your journey to becoming a master of conversion and start really noticing where the money is in real estate sales.

Don’t just read this and say, “great information” and choose not to act on it. I challenge you to seek out someone to follow and mirror their scripts and dialogs. Find 3 or 4 office partners and spend 10-15 minutes a day practicing and role playing. Video and audio record yourself and be that effective communicator in this industry!

Strength and courage.


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