7 Questions ALL Realtors Should Know the Answer To

Stop Waiting for Real Estate Buying Opportunities for Your Clients… Start Creating Them

7 questions all realtors should know the answer toOver the past few years as a REALTOR® coach, speaker and trainer it amazes me the response I get when I ask the following questions to agents.


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  1. What is the best first time home buy on the market today? How much? Where is it? Why is it a good buy?
  2. What is the best foreclosure buy on the market?
  3. What is the best priced brand new home?
  4. What is the best move up buy?
  5. What is the best down size buy?
  6. What is the best investment or cash flow buy?
  7. What is the best luxury or high end market buy?

Usually the response and the silence to these questions is deafening.

Then I ask the most important question of all…

Who are we telling about these buying opportunities?

If the answer is “no one” then… Why not?

The profession of real estate is to provide buying opportunities for the consumer.

We have the ability to create real estate business, but why do most agents just sit and wait for real estate business?

Here is one of my favorite questions for agents and consumers in my training session.

How much 1980 real estate did you wish you owned in 1990?

…1990 real estate you owned in 2000?

…2000 real estate in 2010?

How much 2013 real estate will you wished you owned in 2023?

What are you waiting for?

These are some of the best questions you as a real estate agent can be asking your clients.

Are you?

You are in the business of providing buying opportunities for your clients.

Take time as a professional and learn your inventory. Have the knowledge to identify the best buys in each category of the market.

Find a mentor.

Study the market.

Tour and view product regularly.

You need to have the finger on the market and know when you see a deal!

Think of all the places you are able to share with the consumer about these buying opportunities such as mail, email, websites, newsletters, flyers, social media posts and on and on. Send out this message everywhere… “I have no reason to believe you are in the market for another home but if you know someone that might buy this hot buy, call me with their name and number and I will follow up and give them excellent service!”

What would your business do if you took the time to learn the deals and present more buying opportunities to your clients?

How many decades do agents and clients need to be reminded of the wealth that can be made in buying real estate opportunities and not trying to time the market.

This strategy will begin to create real estate opportunities for your business and your clients.

I hope you will take the time to find the best buys in your market and then tell someone about it!!

Strength and courage,


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