7 Secrets To Consistency In Real Estate

Learn the Keys to Being Consistent as a REALTOR

how to be consistent as a realtorOver and over we get the feedback from real estate agents the biggest challenge they have with their business is being consistently inconsistent.

Taking consistent action is one of the most important steps to achieving at a high level in anything but it is also the one that that eludes most people.

So what stops agents from taking consistent action? What causes them to give up or to stay with it and not give up?

In Shawn Anchor’s new book, The Happiness Advantage, over 200 studies found that one thing lead to success more than anything else and that one thing is our happiness. Anchor did say “we need to realize your happiness will lead you to success but your success does not lead to your happiness.”

According to the United Nation Happiness Report, happier people are living longer, more productive, earn more and are better citizen’s.

Studies reveal that optimistic salespeople outperform their pessimistic counterparts by 56%.

Happy agents do more and are more likely to stay consistent. Happiness is a skill that can be developed and honed over time.

Jim Rohn said “Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.”

7 Secrets to Consistency in Real Estate and A Happier You

1) Nourish Your Mind Daily – What are you reading? What are you listening to? What are you watching? Who are you spending your time with? How much of your day to you spend just thinking and visualizing?

A really great daily activity I took from Dr. Brene Brown’s book, The Gift Of Imperfection was starting or finishing the day with what she called the Daily Vowel Check. A,E,I, O, U and Y.

Start with the letter “A” and think about have I been Abstinent today?

Then take the letter “E” and think about how I have Exercised today? Exercised my heart, mind and soul?

Then take the letter “I” and ask what have I done for me or “I” today? Such an important thing to do for all the people pleasers like me in the world.

Then take the letter “O” and think what I will do or have done for Others?

Then take the letter “U” and think what unexpressed emotions am I holding? Why? Just let them go.

Last take the letter “Y” and think of the things we are so grateful for and have and give yourself that daily “Yeah” moment.

2) Find Purpose In Your Work – The purpose and meaning in your work is created by you and not by the work itself. Researchers from Wharton Business School demonstrated we experience up to three times higher levels of motivation, engagement and productivity when our work has purpose and meaning.

“Meaning is less about a specific job you have and more the personal significance you attach to it.” Shawn Anchor.

Real estate is my job and a vehicle for me to make a difference in this world. Every day my purpose is to impact and improve the personal and professional lives of real estate agents around the globe and the driving force for why I created AgentsBoost.com

3) Tap Into Your Greatness And Unique Talents – Coaching top producing agents and agents that are truly happy all know what their strengths, gifts and talents are and spend the highest portion of their time using them.

Take the time to figure out what you are best at in your real estate business. Discover the unique talents and gifts you bring to this industry and use them daily.

A great exercise I learned from Darren Hardy the editor of Success Magazine was to email three people you respect, really know you well and would be brutally honest with you and ask them to answer the following three questions to get you started…

a) What do you think are my strengths, gifts and talents in real estate? Where do you think I am in my sweet spot professionally and personally?
b) What do you think I am the weakest at and where do I tend to not be natural and strong doing in real estate and daily life?
c) Where do you see me self-sabotaging myself and beating myself up and being the hardest on myself in my real estate business and life?

4) Spend Time With Like-Minded People – Brian Tracy said “if you want to change your income you need to change your friends.” Remember you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

I have mentors, coaches and a certain group of advisors in my own personal and professional life that I seek out for wisdom, guidance and encouragement.

Do you have those people in your own life? Who are those people that are natural givers in your life and not the takers?

Nothing gives me more energy and ideas than my Master Mind Group of high performing real estate professional’s that I meet with once a year for two and a half days for the last 10 years where we share, brainstorm and strategize ways of being more consistent, better and work smarter not harder.

Find that master mind group and meet on a regular basis, I guarantee it will change your business.

5) Practice Daily Random Acts Of Kindness – RAK’s. Go out of your way to think of others.

Try not to miss a day to impact somebody in a positive unexpected way with just a simple daily random act of kindness.

I love the story of a coaching client of mine in Florida that is known by everyone in town for buying the person behind him in a drive thru or a restaurant line up. He always takes care of their order and asks the teller to give him his card and let them know their order is covered and hope they have a great day.

One day my client received a call from someone that asked if he was the guy that bought him breakfast a few years back. We never did meet but I never forgot about that kind gesture and I have a listing for you. My sister died and I am the executor and need to list and sell an apartment building on the oceanfront strip and would he be able to list and sell that for him? That little random act of kindness turned into something bigger than he ever imagined.

6) Spend Time With Family and Friends – Happiness flows from relationships, health and making a difference and not from a new car, T.V. or iPhone. Why is it so difficult to schedule and block time with the most important people in our lives like a spouse, child, family member or good friend?

We are all so busy being busy and life is just flying by and we are spending less and less time relationally with the people that we truly care about the most. Happiness flows from the time you spend creating moments and experiences with the people we hold closest to our hearts. Make a list of those people and book some time with them now! I dare you.

7) Have Fun – When I one on one coach I do this exercise with agents that I call the 5 Circles. I draw 5 circles on a page and write in each circle the words You, Relationships, Finances, Business, Happiness. Then I ask on a scale of 1 to 5 and 1 being poor and 5 being good rate each of these circles.

It amazes me how many of my one on one coaching clients cannot remember the last time they really had some fun. When the last time they just let go and acted silly and laughed and had the time of their lives.

Why is it so difficult for us to be authentic? Be transparent? Just let go of our ego and pride and be silly and have some fun!

I want you to spend some money on an experience and create some fun and stop spending money on things. Things don’t fuel happiness, experiences fuel happiness. I dare you to go out and just have some fun.

I trust these secrets will help you to take consistent action and truly feel happy again which ultimately with fuel you to greater success.

Commit to one of these action steps a month and let me know how it impacts your consistency in your business and personal life and how much more happiness you are experiencing.

Send me an email I would love to hear from you.

Strength and Courage,


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