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7 Secrets to Real Estate Freedom

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learn the secrets of real estate freedomI believe every agent has a goal for real estate freedom by creating a healthy income stream and to have a business to sell and an exit strategy at the end of their career.

Why does this not happen for everyone and only for the very few in real estate?

Tony Robbins said “Shift, change happens to only the 2% of the people that are ready for the paradigm shift.”

My question for you is… are you ready for that paradigm shift and change In your real estate careers today?

Do you have a taste, hunger and thirst for something different or exciting?

Do you know your own unique abilities? What you do well? What you do well that other agents find difficult?

Do you know what you don’t do well?

We all want to know how to work smarter and not work harder in real estate and the solution to this can be broken down into 7 simple steps allowing us to experience freedom, joy and the good life we all desire.

7 Secrets to Real Estate Freedom

Power Of Leverage

Using tools and resources to do much more with less effort, time and money without sacrificing a standard or service in your business.

Start by creating a list of the activities you are good at that are a high return on your time and have the greatest impact for you and your business.

I believe these are listing property, selling property, writing and negotiating offers to purchase.

Then create a list of activities that are important and profitable but can by delegated, systemized or more importantly automated?

Activities like marketing, communication, administration, customer service and finances.

It is no accident the top 10% are making 90% of the income because these producers completely understand the power of leverage.


Build A Foundation

For this secret I use the analogy of Franchising. They have systems, checklists and the right people in the right places and constantly focus on how they can provide more value and a greater experience for the customer to keep them loyal and keep them coming back. Do you own a business or do you have a job? Do you have a foundation with systems, checklists and procedures for everything or do you just use “the force”? The best book to read on building a foundation in real estate is Michael Gerber’s – The E myth Revisited. This is a powerful book on the importance of building the systems, the processes, the checklists and having the right people in the right places. It is not by chance that McDonald’s has a 15 page step by step process for cooking their world famous French fries. This foundation allows them to provide the same great tasting fry anywhere in the world and keep them all coming back for more.


Generating An Abundance Of Leads

So many agents I coach and advise seem to never have enough leads to be able to hit the targets they have set for their business each year. I ask them to share with me all the sales and marketing strategies they have for creating leads for their business. There are so many different ways to generate leads and taking the time to really look at these methods and determine the one’s that fit your skills, strengths and personality is so important. How many  leads are you really generating? How many sources of lead generation do you have going at this current time in your real estate business? How many lead generation systems do you have automated, systemized and working while you sleep? We all have the same 7 days and 24 hours and need to be leveraging our lead generation with systems, people and tools to really be able to create the leads we need for our income goals. If you have enough leads then the pressure to hit your income goals will not seem nearly as difficult.


Lead Conversion

When we solve the agents lead generation problem and they start funneling in we now create a new challenge with systemizing and converting these leads into bona fide appointments to list and buy real estate property. Nothing worse than creating an abundance of leads that we are just burning and not being able to convert. I find most agents don’t have what I call an appointment conversion script or dialog. Now before you say I don’t like scripts and dialogs, would it not be beneficial to know what to say and how to say it to convert a lead to a buyer or seller appointment almost each and every time? Do you know what to say to engage and compel a buyer and seller to want to get together with you? What do you have to offer a buyer and seller that would want them to meet with you face to face? Lead generation is important but converting those leads to appointments is every struggling Realtors biggest hurdle holding them back from the freedom they are desiring in real estate, I can promise you that.


Loyal Clients and Advocates

We spend 6 times the money and effort to get a client and spend little or no money on keeping them. Nor do we do what is necessary in creating a deeper relationship that will open you up to repeat and referral business from all your raving fans. Customer service and creating an experience for buyers and sellers that WOW’s and AWE’s them is paramount to our real estate success. Do you deliver the unexpected? Do you wow and awe your clients or just barely meet their expectations? Do you work relationally and not just deal by deal? Do you subscribe them to the after sale program and earn their friendship and be invited in to their relationships with referrals? It is not about the deal but about the experience we create and the relationship we have long after the deal that creates loyal advocates for you and your business to flourish in to the future.


Retain Top Talent

You can’t do this on your own and still be able to find that work/life balance in real estate. I am living proof we must look at David Collin’s book “Good to Great” and hire the right people and put them on our bus and the right people on our bus must be in the right seats of our bus. Not hiring can cost us so much in this business and the fear of hiring an assistant, buyer agent or associate to join us and allow us the freedom and time to do more and have more of a life that we all desire. Not hiring and retaining top talent is lethal but even more deadly and costly is hiring wrong. Take the time to profile your talent and make sure their aptitude and personality test properly for their position in your business. I can’t express how important taking the time to test, reference, interview and thoroughly hire right the first time and what it saves and does for you and your business and personal life.


Being Profitable

For more than two decades now I have seen so many top producers that have grossed so much income and are asked to share their secret to their income generating success. At the same time they are not profitable at all with their business and in some cases filing for bankruptcy and their personal finances are a disaster. We are in this business to make profit and not to focus on gross. Having a high gross income and having nothing to show for truly is gross and something that so many top producers struggle with and hold them slave to this business and not allow them to be free. Take the time to implement people, systems and mechanisms that allow you to track and keep the business at the highest profitable level you can without jeopardizing the customer service and customer experience you want to create for your clients and your own business.


I trust these 7 Secrets to Real Estate Freedom will shed some light on your business and allow you to see opportunities in your business to allow you to be free and truly live the life you are wanting to live.

I challenge you to not just read this post and think “Wade is right” and don’t take action.

Pick one of these areas and make action steps you commit to that can set you free in your business. Just one action to change and shift will give you the momentum to create a paradigm shift in your personal and professional lives.

So what are we waiting for?

Strength and courage,

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“I am committed to serve, impact and improve the lives of real estate agents and leaders creating a stress free lifestyle while having as much fun as possible along the way.” ~ Wade Webb ~