Creating Vs Waiting

create your own real estate marketAlmost every week I open my email and see a last minute travel deal or an item for sale from one of my favourite brands like Under Armour even though I am not in the market for these things at that particular time. Have you ever seen an ad, read an email or read something that just grabs your attention and is such a good deal you end up buying it or sharing that deal with someone else?

I was over playing cards with friends of ours one evening and my friend shared how his car salesperson from GM had called him that day just to touch base and let him know he had this great deal on a used Honda on the lot and wanted to see if my buddy was interested in it or knew someone else who would be. I am sitting playing cards and remember my personal trainer and I were talking the past week about him getting another vehicle and I texted my trainer right then about this used Honda and the sales reps info at GM to contact if he was interested. The next day I get a text from my personal trainer saying Thanks! I bought it.

Imagine as agents if we had a consistent system for communicating the buying opportunities and best buys in real estate to our audience? What do you think just might happen? Spending a set amount of time on the MLS system daily, weekly, monthly and identifying the best buys in real estate and then sending it out via email, phone, social media and print. Branding it your “deal of the day” “pick of the week” “Your Best bets”. Sending it out saying “I have no reason to believe you’re in the market for another property but if you know someone who might be interested in the hot buy, call me!”
Rotate the product type, price point, location to increase your chances of capturing a lead. Here is a list…

Create Your Own Real Estate Market

1) First time buyer
2) Down Size
3) Move up
4) Rental
5) Recreational
6) Commercial
7) Luxury
8) Investment

We can’t just ignore this strategy in real estate and now is the time to shake things up and create real estate instead of always waiting for real estate. Implement a buying opportunities strategy today and let me know how you make out. Feel free to share and comment below some of your existing strategies.

Strength and courage,