Finding More Seller Leads and Winning More Listings for Your Real Estate Business

Learn How to Capitalize on the Recent Market Shifts in North American Market Places

get more seller leads and listingsWant more seller leads and to know how to win more listings?

Sorry… silly question right? Well then you’re going to want to pay attention to what I have for you this week.

For the last 18 months, maybe even longer, in some areas a slow and subtle shift in a lot of market places across North America has taken place for consumers and real estate professionals.

The challenge is not in finding buyers for all this inventory that has not been selling but rather the biggest challenge is to find the good real estate inventory for all the willing and able buyers.

In my opinion most all the foreclosure, distress and short sale inventory was bought up about a year ago and now the consumer’s confidence has risen and we can’t find the good deals that today’s buyer heard existed last year.

Finding the willing and able buyer is not the challenge today, it is finding the willing and able seller.

So how do I get more seller leads and convert more listing appointments with good saleable inventory for the pent up buyer demand out their today?

Top Tips for Real Estate Agents to Increase Selling leads and Listing Inventory in 2014

  • Invest in paid seller lead programs. For example which  is personally my top pick in this category.I was able to generate more than 300 seller leads in the month of June 2014 alone from this seller lead system. I set up the website for a 30 day free trial and then only $59.99 a month after that. I also spend $5 a day on Facebook ads and only Monday to Friday not on the weekends to drive the traffic to the website.Let me know where else you can have a $159.99 a month investment generate 300 seller leads for you and your real estate business?Other strong picks are, they have been around for many years now. is another good solid option out there.Comment below and let me know what are some of your best seller lead programs, it would be great to hear other good options and affordable ways to generate seller leads. I gave you my best, why not share yours?
  • Set up Classified websites for seller leads like Craigslist, Kijiji, Local classified websites like (in my home town) and last but not least eBay Classifieds is a good place for leads as well.Generate seller leads offering free reports like over the net, over the phone evaluations, absorption rate reports, “how long does it take to sell” reports, “what percent of your asking price should you expect” report, “where the buyers are coming from” reports and “what the product types and areas the buyers are buying” reports, your market cycle and when to buy and when to sell are just some of the ways to generate seller engagement. What seller wouldn’t want to know this very important information when thinking about selling their home?
  • Use a good 10 day email campaign offering value to buyers, they will then become a seller at some point in time and for sellers.Offer buyer reports like the 10 deadly buyer mistakes, the costs of buying, the time to buy, where to buy, what to buy, what to pay, benefits to buyer representation and instant email notification of hotlists for distress sales, sleeve listings and other hot new listing buys.Here is a sample 10 day follow up system that works!
    Day 1 Send introduction email . Make introduction phone call. Send follow up email thanking them for speaking with you if they answered. Mail a notecard with 2 business cards in it.
    Day 2 Send bank owned email or list of properties that fit client criteria if you captured email address with whatever source generated this lead. Search for lead on Facebook and send a short message.
    Day 3 Email message that you are available this weekend. Make follow up call and leave voicemail if no answer    Send first video email (if video mentions that you are available it can be combined with step 1)
    Day 4 Send email with a free CMA offer or relocation package. Attach a Just Listed Property list to email
    Day 5 Send a “how am I doing” email. Attach a Recently Reduced Prices Property list to email
    Day 6 Take one day off during the plan. This can be put any day between Day 3 and Day 9
    Day 7 Send Special Services Email. Make another follow up phone call and leave a voicemail if nobody answers Send a text message if you are confident in the phone number you have
    Day 8 Send specific property email. Search other social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter and direct message them otherwise send another Facebook message if possible Research their IDX activity
    Day 9 Email “Long Shot CMA” message. Make another follow up phone call and leave a voicemail if nobody answers. Research their IDX activity
    Day 10 Send Contest or Trivia email or video email. Attempt contact once again via social media platform. Research recent IDX activity. Phone call for final call and leave a voicemail if nobody answers
  • Implement a powerful seller lead conversion system. Most critical step is to respond immediately (under 5 minutes)with a call or text.How many agents can just cut and paste a powerful engaging response email, text or phone dialog in under 5 minutes. Are you set up and systemized to do that anywhere, any time? “Thank you for your recent inquiry through I wanted to introduce myself, I am Wade Webb Realtor at Agentsboost Realty office. I am the local contact who will be researching and compiling your market value report. I wanted to send you a quick reply to just confirm your request was received and to let you know we will be sending the information within 24 hours. Please remember that if you have received an automated taxable value, this comes from public tax records and may not accurately reflect the true market value of your home. In the meantime if you have not already done so, it would be helpful to know of any recent upgrades made to your home that may not be reflected in public records. For example, have you finished your basement or perhaps added a pool? Tell us what makes your home special. Just respond to this email! Thank you again and we appreciate the opportunity to send you information on your home’s value.”You need to set a Timeline.
    a) Give them a time of when to expect the report and exceed their expectations!
    b) Create a report
    c) Seller’s Market Reports are preferred because they are broad enough that the client still needs you vs a CMA often provides too much information so they don’t need you anymore. Manually add sold data from the MLS and keep the price-range broad and add subdivision notes—this shows them you are an expert.Within 24 hours of delivering the CMA market report send an email or text like this.
    “Hello (contact name), My name is Wade Webb. I am the customer care contact for the Agentsboost Realty Group website and the local Housevalues representative for your town. I am following up on your request for a home evaluation that you submitted on 1/1/01 for your property on 123 Mulberry Street. It was emailed to you on 1/2/01. I not only wanted to make sure you had received it, but wanted to find out if you had any questions about the report or the market value of your home. Please feel free to contact me using email, text, or the old fashion way by phone. I will be glad to answer any and all of your questions. One final note, by submitting your request for a home market evaluation you are now signed up for one of the most powerful websites and real estate search engines in Indiana. Please feel free to browse our site if you are thinking about looking for a new residence. Let me know and I will be glad to customize a home search for you. Thank you!”
  • Get them to your website. Let them know all the valuable tools, tips and value add services your website has to offer them. If you don’t have value add items on your site then start to add reasons for them to go visit your website for video tips, free reports, market statistics, free newsletter subscriptions and more.
  • Set auto reminders for yourself to contact these leads every 90 days for a more up to date market report and what has changed quarter over quarter in their neighborhood, sub area and market area.
  • Set up postcard drip campaigns offering value add items to these lead sources. The postcard system is automated and can free up your time but still maintains a steady stream of follow up to the leads you have generated. Here are just a few ideas for topics in your postcard lead follow up campaigns…
    #1 to unsubscribe from  the campaign.
    #2 Just Listed and Sold’s in their area.
    #3 Investment and Best Buy opportunities.
    #4 Free reports
    #5 Auto email notification service and newsletter subscription.

Some key closing points…

1. Do not assume anything about “who” your contact is.
2. Treat every lead the same. Don’t skip steps!
3. Keep your contacts in the SYSTEM.

I hope that you will take the time to create more seller leads and begin to convert more seller leads into listing appointments and increase your listing inventory to finish 2014 strong.

Don’t try to skip any of the steps or try to do it cheaper, easier or different.

This system has been tested, proven and works if trusted and followed. Take your business to the next level and experience your agents boost. The decision and choice is yours!

Strength and courage,

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