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Get Free Real Estate Leads From Twitter In 3 Simple Steps

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real estate twitter lead generationI have been asking myself the question for many years now if there is any money in social media and real estate?

Are agents actually generating some good sales in their real estate business using social media?

How can we actually make any money using social media strategically with my real estate business?

It is rare to find a simple, strategic lead generating system using Twitter for real estate and even better a system using Twitter and social media that is FREE!

I am so excited to have my good friend Tyler Zey from Easy Agent Pro share with us all this fantastic tip that actually will make us money using social media and Twitter in your real estate business.

Hey there reader! I’m Tyler from Easy Agent Pro, and today I’m going to be showing you how to get free real estate leads from Twitter. The tactic I’ll be sharing with you helps find interested buyers and sellers on Twitter. And sends you an email the second they tweet about something related to real estate.

You’ll be able to engage with them, and turn them into profitable leads for your business. Think of this method like you would an starting an expired listing letter campaign. You need to be consistent, timely, and helpful with your interactions to see maximum success from the method.

Here’s a quick video showing you the step-by-step method:

The method is quite simple to use. You’re going to be using IFTTT to create an email alert. (If you’re more advance, you can even activate a text message alert.)

To help you even more, I’ve setup a simple script for you. You’ll want to search Twitter for

“House hunt,” “house hunting,” “moving soon,” “moving to” or “headed for” and the city of your choice — for example, “Dallas.” You can adjust that as you see fit! You’ll probably want to search Twitter ( with the string before creating the notification. This will make sure you know what type of tweets will be emailed to you.

Now that you’ve enabled the Twitter search, you need to setup your email alert section. I connect IFTTT to my gmail account and allow it to send me email everytime someone Tweets. Now, everytime someone nearby tweets about buying or selling real estate, I’ll instantly know! The opportunities here are endless.

Look at this tweet from earlier this year:


I’m not sure if Rob will be buying (or selling). He says he is in school, so he probably isn’t a potential client. But responding with a personalized message to a tweet like that is a much better use of your time than tweeting listing after listing!

I recommend you follow a 10 step followup system with all of these leads. The money, in real estate, is in the follow-up. This applies to these Twitter accounts as well!

Have you set something like this up for your business? How do you use Twitter to build your incoming leads?

I've been in marketing for over 6 years and have run a private web consulting company for the past 3 years. Recently, my firm has specialised in real estate. We have already generated over 5,000+ leads in the real estate niche in under 7 months. I am personally called by companies like Leadpages when it comes to generating real estate leads. And have been featured on sites like Inman, RISMedia, and The Real Estate Trainer. Additionally, I've given talks at many brokerages nationwide. - Tyler Zey

Tyler Zey is the digital marketing director and contributing editor for the real estate digital marketing blog on

Easy Agent Pro helps realtors with some of the best websites and marketing available.

 Thanks so much Tyler...

Pretty cool tactic isn't it? Well jump onto implementing this right away and let the leads start to flow.

Click here to check out Tyler's blog for more great tips and tricks like this one.

Strength and Courage,


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