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How to Convert Internet Real Estate Leads to Listings and Sales.

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Web Leads DON’T Suck!

do internet real estate leads convertThe National Association of Realtors research shows the average buyer searches for 2 weeks on their own prior to contacting a real estate agent. For this reason agents now need a strategy designed for internet lead conversion that can be completed over a 10 – 14 day time period. Prior to contacting a real estate agent, potential buyers and sellers can be reluctant to releasing valid contact information. Although the ideal internet lead has email, mailing address, phone number and search criteria, the majority of internet leads we follow up are missing part or most of this information. One of my top producing agents in Canada Ralph Wiber couldn’t help but hear agents time and time again saying “web leads suck” or “internet leads are a waste of time” and was kind enough to share this amazing and proven web lead strategy with us all and help others with the ongoing challenge of not knowing how to convert an internet lead. This method is a combination of persistence and marketing offers that are designed to create motivation for the buyer and seller to give us more information. The formula is a combination of:
  • Email
  • Direct Mail (post)
  • Video Email (
  • Phone Calls
Once you make contact you must adjust your message and plan to fit the client’s needs and timelines. Once you schedule the appointment, determine their timeline or verify their contact information then stop the system. If you have not scheduled an appointment and have missing information then the lead goes into the 10 day follow up system.

Be sure to fill in the form at the bottom of this post to get your FREE copy of the “Lead Conversion Package” containing:

  • Phone and email scripts
  • 10 Day checklist
  • Facebook and Video sample messages
  • How to avoid spam filters and more…
  Hint: Most failure comes from not working the lead for long enough or skipping parts of the system. [ez_box title=”Your 10 Day Internet Lead Conversion Plan” color=”blue”] Day 1
  • Send introduction email.
  • Make introduction phone call.
  • Send follow up email thanking them for speaking with you if they answered.
  • Mail a notecard with 2 business cards in it.
Day 2
  • Send foreclosure email or list of properties that fit client criteria if you captured that with whatever source generated this lead.
  • Search for lead on Facebook and send a short message.
Day 3
  • Email message that you are available this weekend.
  • Make follow up call and leave voicemail if no answer.
  • Send first video email (if video mentions that you are available it can be combined with step 1).
Day 4
  • Send email with a free CMA offer or relocation package.
  • Attach a Just Listed Property list to email.
Day 5
  • Send a “how am I doing” email.
  • Attach a Recently Reduced Prices Property list to email.
  • Conversion Tactics
Day 6
  • Take one day off during the plan. This can be put any day between Day 3 and Day 9.
Day 7
  • Send Special Services Email.
  • Make another follow up phone call and leave a voicemail if nobody answers.
  • Send a text message if you are confident in the phone number you have.
Day 8
  • Send specific property email.
  • Search other social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter and direct message them otherwise send another Facebook message if possible.
  • Research their listing search activity.
Day 9
  • Email “Long Shot CMA” message.
  • Make another follow up phone call and leave a voicemail if nobody answers.
  • Research their listing search activity.
Day 10
  • Send Contest or Trivia email or video email.
  • Attempt contact once again via social media platform.
  • Research recent listing search activity.
  • Phone call for final call and leave a voicemail if nobody answers.
Day 11+
  • Discard contact if not valid.
  • Place contact into drip program if you have valid information for long term continued follow up.
[/ez_box] I hope you find huge success in this lead conversion program and that you never feel that internet leads are a waste of time again. Here is to your success online. Strength and courage, Wade [hcshort id=”11″]


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