It’s Your Time

its your time

I had the privilege of attending a mentor and friend Tom Ferry at his summit the past week and something just resonated from his event I just had to share. For more than two decades I have seen so much disbelief with agents about this industry. So many REALTORS are thinking and saying to themselves there has got to be some easier way to be more successful in the real estate business, but the reality is, if there was an easier way then myself or someone else would be selling it.

To put it bluntly, all this disbelief just creates a story in your head and all these stories end up creating fear and justify why you don’t as an agent exercise your greatness and get into your own greatness. So the question you need to ask ourselves is “can I commit to being the greatness I was created to be” and then commit to being all in with everything in your business and life?

Can I commit with no apology or not care about what other people think of me because what other people think of me does not pay my bills but what does pay my bills is me going out against me and being as ambitious as I can and exercising every day to getting into my greatness and swinging for the fences.

How many areas of your life are you stuck? How many big decisions are you sitting on that are causing you loss of quality time, greater income or freedom to be who you truly are, or go out and do the things you want to do? We get stuck in indecision and in that moment we are all trapped in fear. Being stuck in your head and when you are in your head you are dead and there is no power!

Try to remember a time in your career where you saw the fear but you acted anyway? We have all been there before when we said “I am going for it anyway” and acted. One of two things happen when we step out despite our fears…

  1. We succeed. Remember these times often and spend some time reliving them and allowing yourself to enjoy the feelings of excitement, pride and accomplishment for your courage and power to take action. Recollecting these moments remind you that you have what it takes to once again step out through your fears in the here and now.
  2. We don’t succeed or we get shut down or rejected. In these moments it’s important to see although our plan maybe didn’t carry out as hoped we still succeeded in overcoming our fear and stepping into our power which is a huge success regardless how the plan turned out. Keep telling yourself unconsciously “I did it” and put yourself out there, took a little risk and that compound effect of putting yourself out there over and over again will bring you to the place where you wake up one day and you’re fearless!

The decision starts now. In the moment you decide to be fearless is when everything really starts and you begin working that muscle by making small (yet powerful) adjustments to your life and to your business. That muscle begins to get stronger and you become more confident to the point where you say to yourself “wait a minute… had I known this I would have made this decision a long time ago.”

This is your life, this is your time, you need to decide if you are going to choose to continue living in fear and in your head or are am you going to step up and be fearless and make that life altering choice? The decision is yours!

Strength and courage,

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