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Persuade Or Be Persuaded? That Is The Question.

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persuasion as realtorEat or be eaten. Influence or be influenced. Somebody's always selling or somebody is always buying, consciously or not. If you open up your medicine cabinet or your dresser drawers or your pantry or your garage or even just look around the room you are sitting in now. Each item you see is a war trophy representing somebodies victory or a companies victory. Where you traded your hard-earned cash for their product. How did they do it? What tools did they use?

It is the all important skill of influence and persuasion. Make no mistake there are armies of influence agents operating around us everywhere all day. Sometimes it is in the form of a TV commercial, or a phone solicitation or a grocery store announcement, bus bench, bill board or other times a request from one of your own children, spouse or employer.

A mentor of mine once tried to count the number of direct attempts to control his thoughts and behaviour he encountered in a single day. This included any moment during a regular work day where someone or something was using persuasion and didn't even include media sources like newspapers, radio or TV. He gave up and lost count by about 10:30 am in the morning at around 500 incidents.

Research shows the average person receives more than 30,000 persuasion attempts every day. This isn't just happening in commercial marketing but happening in almost every conversation you have. For instance it is estimated almost 80 percent of our time is spent in verbal communication trying to get you to do something. We are constantly having someone angle us for something they need. Really we could say society is just people requesting, demanding, persuading and influencing to further their own needs and agendas.

So let's face it if you want to navigate the sea of society successfully. You need to become more positively influential and persuasive yourself. Logic, Emotions and Ethics are the three levels of persuasion. Convincing others using Logic and reason and help others come to their own conclusions. Emotions we trigger in others and emotionally get them to do what we want them to do like using fear, shame and passion.

Ethics is the way we act and what we do that people know we can be trusted and have integrity and will do what we want them to do because they feel comfort and trust in us. Having influence and mastering the three levels of influence will have a huge impact on your real estate business and life so take the time to develop your persuasion and influence and watch your life and business grow. I dare ya!!

Strength and courage,

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