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[Podcast #1] AgentsBoost Real Estate Coaching with Wade Webb

Hey everybody, it’s Wade Webb the author of “The Lazy Realtor,” and the founder of AgentsBoost. For the past two years, at AgenstsBoost, our most popular post ever has been how to market and how to do things without any money or little or no money.

So today, I just want to briefly share with you the Top 5 ideas of how our Real Estate Professional can market without, little, or no money, and to be able to get that to the next level. One of the things we commonly find is that people struggle with the financial burden of Real Estate. So, how to do marketing, and how do I make an impact in my business without spending any money?

Tip number one is this: “Pick up the phone.” I know- not an apocalyptic idea, I get that. But, pick up the phone and call five past clients a day. But, just break the ice with them, chitchat with them, touch base with them, see how they’re doing, how they are enjoying their home, just find out what’s going on with their lives. The most important thing is what you close within. Here’s the dialect I want you to use to close off your call and your conversation, is ask them this: “All of the people that you know, who do you think will be buying or selling next?” Then pause, and wait for their response. Maybe even repeat it one more time, “All of the people that you know, who do you think will be buying or selling next?”

Idea number two: Video. Video is king. Google love videos so much that they bought Youtube. And Youtube is dominating out there, and people are watching video. Video tip number one is – provide a video about your city or town where you live. People are looking for that content, number one most in demand video they are looking for.

Video tip number two- is to video about areas and neighborhoods and things that are best about each neighborhood and each area of your communities, and your cities, and your towns. Tell them what you like, what’s to offer and all the amenities in all those different areas.

Tip number three for video is- inside video tour videos of homes and listings. They want to see inside, tour through it; experience what it’s like walking through that video and walking through that tour of the house.

Tip number four would be- information on the market. Is it a bounce market? Buyer’s market? Have the prices gone up? Have they gone down? Give them general information on the market, and the fifth most popular they’re looking for is third-party testimonial. 76% chance of you getting a person to buy or sell with you, by having a third-party testimonial that is a bonafide; how and what it is like to do business with you. So there’s some tips for you for video. Put it on Youtube, put it in your social media content.

Third idea, without any money or little or no money-creating network group. I find it incredibly powerful to strategically network and leverage your business with what I do, with others business owners and what they do. My focus is purely on how do I use what I do on my database with helping them of what they do. All the service providers, all the business owners that I use in direct line with my Real Estate Business I’m trying to share what works, what doesn’t work, how can we leverage, how can we get them business and return I want to get you business- and it’s just the power of reciprocity.

The fourth idea in the little or no money is this- and it’s writing a hand-written note. When I first heard this idea, I thought, “you know what, this is something my wife does. She’s a hand-written note person. That’s mamsy-pamsy, that’s not for me. “And I didn’t realize that, that is probably one of the single most powerful things that you can do in your business is to take the time to write a hand-written note. It never gets old when people say to me, “Man, the timing of your note was impeccable. I couldn’t imagine how much I needed to hear a positive, encouraging remark in that note. Thanks so much.” And you never want to underestimate the power of that hand-written note.

And the last idea is that- we’re in the business to create Real Estate buying opportunities, not to just wait for Real Estate. So, one of the best tips I’ll give you is to post your best bets. Let the people know- what is the best buy out there right now, for first time buyer; what’s the best buy out there for a move-up, an investor, a downsizer. Don’t sit around and wait for it. Tell people- through your social media channels, through your emails, through your video content, and get out there and shout at the top of your voice of what are the best buying opportunities out there. Somebody will know somebody who knows somebody who might want to buy your best bets.

So, implement that strategy. I have 21 and 20 other ideas of low-cost, no money, marketing ideas and if you want to check out more of those ideas, go on to, and check out more marketing ideas for little of no-money down, and to be able to change and impact your business and take it to the next level. So, I’m Wade Webb, founder of AgentsBoost, and this is your Agent’s Boost.

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