Secrets To Real Estate Video

Engage Your Clients With A Real Estate Video Story

real-estate-videoWhy is it, not excluding myself of course, so difficult for the real estate industry to really embrace the world of video and take our real estate business to the next level?

Video is so valuable today that Google bought YouTube to maintain control of the number one and number two search engine tools online and doesn’t that have to tell us something?

Video in real estate is so much more than just a property tour. Video in real estate is something we use to create emotion and connection with our audience. Video lets the consumer see the real you and your true personality and allows us to capture their heart strings.

Humanize yourself in your video to your audience. The biggest mistake with real estate and video is that it is so serious and so boring for the viewer. Why not add something as simple as music to your videos from a site like

Agents need to stop being afraid of the camera and stop worrying about being polished and perfect and start considering the opportunities and relationships that come from video and real estate.

The biggest thing I have learned about video and real estate is we need to keep it real and need to keep it short. The ideal length of video is about 1 minute 20 seconds and must be under the 2 minute length for higher click thru rates.

One of my favorite real estate tools for video is the use of video email instead of the standard email message. I love to surprise people with a quick video email using or

When it comes to engaging the consumer we need to think more like the consumer and less like a real estate agent and tell your story. Also, tell the properties story because every agent has a story and every home and family that lived in the home has a story and that’s what the consumer wants to hear and see in video.

The wedding videographer is a great example of how you tell a story and agents need to create story type videos versus the property tour video and connect emotionally to the consumer on so many different levels. See a great YouTube video example at the bottom of this post. Other great stories for video marketing is about your community, your complex, your subdivision, your business or company, your sellers, interviews, events and neighborhoods.

Here is my video nugget list for agents to take your real estate video marketing to another level:

  • We video is a great simple to use video editing tool that agents can build their video real estate platform without the big financial investment
  • Allows you to create unusual and interesting videos for real estate marketing using any video recording devices
  • Very cool build your own story telling videos for real estate marketing
  • Popular video tour company for real estate agents
  • Easy to do video newsletter for your local market
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