Secrets To The Highest Producing REALTORS in the Country

Learn What the Top Agents Do then Copy Them… Simple!

secrets to top producing real estate agentsSo many agents want to get to the next level in real estate but quite honestly don’t know what to do in order to get there.

One of the simplest places to start is to learn what the highest producing agents in the industry do to hit the top and then mimic them.

Any typical real estate agent will move through 6 levels on their way to becoming a peak performer. Let’s look at these 6 levels so you can identify where you are on the grid to help you know where to focus and move forward.

6 Levels in a Real Estate Agents Career

LEVEL 1 AGENT: We obviously begin our career in the solo agent level where we do it all by ourselves with the help of a manager, mentor, mortgage broker and our office administration.This level usually consists of an agent producing 0 – 17 transactions a year.

LEVEL 2 AGENT: The next level then consists of the addition of an unlicensed assistant either physically or virtually on a base salary plus a bonus for increased productivity. This level usually consists of agents producing 18-30 transactions a year.

LEVEL 3 AGENT: The next level for agents then starts to expand the team more by introducing extended team members like a marketing coordinator for 1-3 days a week which usually consists of agents producing 31-60 transactions a year.

LEVEL 4 AGENT: The next level then introduces 2 more team members in the form and roles of licensed showing agents and licensed buyers agents which usually consists of agents producing 60-100 transactions a year.

LEVEL 5 AGENT: The next level would be adding your own tech and online support member either physically or virtually that are responsible for anything technology related.

So what is the secret to the final and highest level producing agents in the country?

Drum roll please…

LEVEL 6 AGENT (Secret Weapon): The “Secret Weapon” to these high performing business and teams is the newest position called an I.S.A. or O.S.A agent.What is an inbound or outbound sales agent role and who is the right person for this position? This usually consists of a team that is producing more than 100 transactions a year.

The ideal candidate for this position is someone with a big personality who is looking for a second income or wants to make more money than they are on their own. Possibly not challenged by their real estate career any longer or even semi-retired. This position would be absolutely perfect for anyone with telemarketing sales experience.

Here is the I.S.A. or O.S.A job description

  • Initial Touch – Responsible for all incoming leads, phone calls and inquiries. Offers enthusiasm and customer service. Assign client to team members. Input client-lead conversation notes into CRM.
  • Expired/FSBO/NOD’s – Use scripts to contact leads via phone, email. Qualify the needs and wants of leads. Build rapport and continuous follow up until they set listing or buyer appointment. Input all notes into CRM.
  • Inboud/Outbound Referrals – Receive referral incoming and outgoing. Input information into CRM. Provide follow up calls for incoming and outgoing referrals. Follow up referral until closing ensuring referral document is signed.
  • InBound Leads – Conduct lead response under 5 minutes. Search properties lead inquires on. Qualify leads and obtain contact information. Obtain pre approval letter for financing. Move and assign lead to team members. Conduct minimum of 10 contacts within a 2 week period using phone, email, video email, text, etc.
  • Past Client / COI – call all past clients and center of influence quarterly checking in. Update CRM with call notes. Ensure current information accurate and up to date. Deliver holiday appreciation items.
  • Showing Property Prep – Assist in showing appointments and listing property presentable and readily available. Assist in showing property if needed.
  • Business Enhancement – High level touch customer service to initial touches and all clients and service providers. Join weekly role playing. Provide bi-monthly conversion lead sheet to team leader. Provide addition support to listing coordinator with showings and feedback.

I trust whatever level you are currently at you are able to see the progression in this business and what the highest producing teams in the nation are doing to maintain these amazing levels while working less than anyone else in their real estate business.

I really hope you are able to reach another level and think bigger and achieve more than you ever thought possible in real estate.

Strength and Courage,


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