The Power of Reciprocity in Your Real Estate Business

rec·i·proc·i·ty /ˌresəˈpräsətē / noun: reciprocity

Reciprocity in real estate

Reciprocity is the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit.

In all my years in the real estate business I have personally seen reciprocity to be one of the single most powerful marketing strategies in sales.

We all have so many opportunities within our real estate business to be able to use this very powerful technique.

Think about how you feel when someone gives you something like a compliment, gift or token of appreciation?

We naturally feel like we want to reciprocate the action and like we owe them something but in fact we really don’t.

So what are the opportunities in real estate and our business to use this powerful activity called Reciprocity or what we can call Give to Get! Cultivate deeper relationships with the people in your business. Keep your clients constantly aware of you and what you do. Ask for and receive real estate referrals and a fantastic return on your investment of time and money in marketing.

Just last week one of my coaching clients spent a few days visiting his clients place of business and homes with a tri-pack of Ketchup, Relish and Mustard. Each bottle has a sticker on it saying “I wanted to Ketchup and let you know how much I Relish your support with my business and remember that not all agents can cut the Mustard.”

He was texting me all day saying how much fun it was and the incredible response and appreciation his clients were giving back and he even ended up with a referral and a listing at the end of the day.

For those of you that may be struggling with the cost or the financial commitment of this concept I am reminded of the book by Ken Blanchard “The Generosity Factor”.

In the book Blanchard shares we can give our:

Time… your most precious commodity. Something you cannot get more of and costs us nothing monetary but is the greatest gift we can share with any of our clients.

Touch… who does not enjoy a pat on the back, a hug or even just a handshake to make us feel encouraged and important.

Talent… each of us has a gift and God given talent we can share with any of our clients like a story, making them laugh or just being a great listener.

Any of these talents will impact your clients and move them to feel like they want to return your gift back one day. Remember it is as simple as our Time, Touch or Talents and does not have to be our Treasures to create the reciprocity factor in our business.

So what is the plan and what do I do to get things started you ask?

Here are the Action Steps to Incorporate Reciprocity into Your Real Estate Marketing

You first make a list of the people you would like to serve and receive referrals from then mark on a map where those people live or work and prior to your visit, call and use the following dialogue: “I’m going to be in your area tomorrow between _____ and _____ and I’d love to stop by for just a few minutes to see how you’re doing. Don’t worry about getting anything ready for me. I’m just going to swing by with a little something for you.”

The key to this visit is to visit for no more than 15 minutes and remain standing. I would recommend you go see the people you like best, first and make sure your gift is about your client’s needs and not your own.

Keep your map and a supply of gifts in your trunk at all times. If scheduling a block of time to do this is a challenge, fit them in while traveling to and from your other appointments.

Bring someone with you and keep the car running; this will ensure you make the visit short.

My personal favorite is to go by your clients’ workplace! You’ll be able to meet more people and create excitement among their coworkers.

Top 25 Product Favorites and Tag Lines to Get you Started.

[step_graphics style=”4″ color=””][step style=”4″ text=”1″ headline=”Salsa – Your referrals spice up my business!”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”2″ headline=”Spatula – I flip over referrals!”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”3″ headline=”Glass cleaner – Your referrals make my business shine!”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”4″ headline=”Picture Frame – Your referrals put me in the right frame of mind!”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”5″ headline=”Candle – Your referrals brighten up my business!”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”6″ headline=”Watering can – Your referrals help my business grow!”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”7″ headline=”  Kite – Your referrals make my business soar!”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”8″ headline=”Paint roller – Your referrals put my business on a roll!”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”9″ headline=”Play dough – Your referrals shape my business!”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”10″ headline=”Light bulbs – Your referrals light up my business!”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”11″ headline=” Puzzle – Your referral is a perfect fit for my business!”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”12″ headline=” Paper plates & napkins – Your referrals make work feel like a picnic!”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”13″ headline=”Household tape – Thanks for sticking by me!”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”14″ headline=”Umbrella – I’ve got your referrals covered!”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”15″ headline=”Deck of cards – I don’t play games with your referrals!”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”16″ headline=”Tube of caulking – I won’t let your referrals fall through the cracks!”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”17″ headline=” Multi-head screw driver – You’ll never get screwed again!”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”18″ headline=”Heart candy – Your referrals are at the heart of my business!”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”19″ headline=” Lantern/flash light – Your referrals light my way!”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”20″ headline=”Mints – Your referrals are a breath of fresh air!”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”21″ headline=”Bubbles – Your referrals make my business fly!”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”22″ headline=”Chocolate gold coins – I treasure your referrals!”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”23″ headline=”Sunscreen – I won’t let your referrals get burned in this market!”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”24″ headline=”BBQ lighter – You ignite my business with your referrals!”][/step][step style=”4″ text=”25″ headline=”Cooking glove – Your referrals make my business cook!”][/step][/step_graphics]

I hope this will inspire you to get out there and have some fun with your business and clients and to experience the power of giving.

Have faith that it will pay dividends and believe me it will.

Strength and Courage,


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