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Top 10 Most Read AgentsBoost Posts of 2016

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Top 10 AgentsBoost Posts for 2016I am humbled and honoured at the success and growth that we experience year after year at AgentsBoost. We are now being read by multiple thousands of agents a month in well over 100 countries. None of our success at AgentsBoost would be possible without incredible agents like you and your support.

This week we want to share the top 10 posts of 2016 and take this time to say thank you so much to you all and for your support!! If we can do anything for you in return this year don't hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can help!!

#1 Review of the Best Real Estate CRM Systems for Realtors in 2014

What is a #RealEstateCRM?
What are the best CRMs for a REALTOR?
Do I need a customer relationship management system?

Great questions.... find out here

real estate crm reviews

#2 26 Realtor Open House Ideas for 2014… Dare to Be Different

#REALTOR Open Houses are a widely un-mined GOLD MINE. Check out my tried and true 26 #OpenHouse ideas for agents in 2014.

Be sure to grab your Free copy of our Ultimate Open House Guide (normally sold for $47) as our gift to you.

realtor open house ideas

#3 Door Knocking Strategies For Real Estate 2014

Door knocking is all about one thing “showing up” and being consistent with your schedule and blocking regular time for it. 20 minutes a month and 5 doors with nobody home does not make a career in real estate.

realtor open house ideas





#4 Review of The Best Real Estate CRM Systems for Realtors in 2015

What’s Your System for Managing Leads, Contacts and Customers? The past few years AgentsBoost most read post has hands down been Review of the Best Real Estate CRM Systems for Realtors in 2014 for agents. This year again, we bring you the best of the best…

review best real estate crm 2015

 #5 Power of the Pre List Package… Are You Utilizing These 6 Benefits?

So many real estate agents today are missing the greatest tool for creating a raving fan and telling your story…  The Pre Listing Package!

#6 2014 Real Estate Agent Pre Listing and Pre Buyer Package – Version 2.0

The package is a tool designed to build trust, have them like you and increase the chance of them hiring you the first time you meet and sign a listing or exclusive buyers contract with no questions asked. Imagine a tool that saves you time, energy and increases your effectiveness almost every time.

Real estate pre listing package

#7 F.O.R.D. – Learn the Secret to Engage Your Clients

This simple but powerful tool called F.O.R.D. would help engage clients, deepen your relationship with them and show you care.

This powerful technique then sets the stage for you to share what you do for a living and causes the other party to be receptive.

#8 21 Low/No Cost Real Estate Marketing Tips

realtor marketing tips

One of the greatest challenges most real estate agents find is the rising costs and expectations of sellers on listing agents and their marketing programs.

#9 The Secrets to Getting More Offers Accepted in Todays Market

present real estate offers

Keep in mind, market value is what a willing buyer will pay and willing seller will let their home go for in that moment. What about reminding each other you are not the enemy but just the messenger and remember it is not your house, not your money and really not your decision?

What is the goal for presenting and negotiating real estate offers?

Is it to go through the motions or is it to bring a seller and buyer together?

#10 Secrets To The Perfect Real Estate Facebook Ad

The ongoing battle between Facebook ads and Google Adwords will never be settled. If you are going to use Facebook ads to generate more leads for your real estate business then you need to know how to do it right! No matter what kind of Facebook ad you decide to run, no matter who you decide to target, whether you use Power Editor, Ads Manager, or a boosted post, no matter your methodology, there are critical essentials to EVERY Facebook ad you will run.

Strength and courage,

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