Top 5 Most Read AgentsBoost Posts of 2017

I am humbled and honoured once again at the success and growth we experience year after year at AgentsBoost. We are still being read by multiple thousands of agents a month in well over 100 countries. None of our success at AgentsBoost would be possible without incredible agents like you and your support.

This week we want to share the top 5 posts of 2017 and take this time to say thank you so much to you all and for your support!! If we can do anything for you in return this year don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can help!!

#1  Shocking Real Estate Sales Stats That Will Change How You Do Business

real estate sales statistics

It’s so important to take the time to think and put ourselves in the shoes of our customers rather than thinking like a realtor and what we need and want all the time. This week we look and see the trends of our customers and how to model what they want and need from us. So let’s get started….

#2  So What Are The Fab Five in Real Estate?

top 5 real estate activities

I coach, train and speak to hundreds of agents a year and this is the top five activities that work with all the most successful agents I work with.

#3  5 Steps to 5 Star Customer REALTOR Reviews

90% of Consumers decisions are influenced by 3rd party online reviews.
80% of Consumers trust online reviews as personal recommendations.
Negative online reviews or reviews of 3 stars or less can cost a business or service provider as much as 30 new customers.

#4  The Coming Soon Listing Strategy

listing agent coming soon

So what are the benefits to a Coming Soon listing marketing strategy? It is important you consult with your local board and brokers to ensure you follow what is allowed in your local trading area.

#5  The Top Agents Daily Checklist

The Top Agents Daily Checklist

So what is the secret to the top producing agents and what they do with that same time every other agent has? We know it boils down to implementation and execution of specific activities done over time with consistency that creates the long term massive success we all want.

Strength and courage,

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