What Are The Best Agent Transaction Tools?

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The transaction tools available for agents today have changed the way the real estate transaction gets done: “There’s no more signing deals on the hood of the car. Now you see a home, and the agent writes the offer on the spot, it gets sent to the client’s phone, who signs it, and it’s emailed to the other side. It can be close to immediate if you have your tools properly set up. And no more carbon copies or faxes.” Agents have no doubt that transaction tools have made their lives more efficient and technology has enabled them to do more deals.

However, agents still have a long wish list of how the transaction process could be improved, and they would like to see their chosen software interact better with the software preferences of others. Of those currently on offer, the most commonly used transaction tools are:

  • DocuSign – “DocuSign is convenient, easy to use, provides date and time stamps and is easy to forward to all parties involved in the transaction,” said one high-performing agent. Added another: “DocuSign is the only one I couldn’t live without; I could replace the others easily.”
  • dotloop – Dotloop, meanwhile, makes it easy to connect to everyone, said one agent: “In the office, at the listing, with a buyer at the chosen home, on the road or home at the lake. With the clients, the other agent, the attorney, the bank, the admin and the broker.” Added another broker: “Dotloop is absolutely the best tool out there. It saves me time daily, has a mobile version, is easy for clients, easy to manipulate, add, change, edit, initiate, it’s simple, effective and just overall the best tool of my business.”
  • zipLogix – zipForm®, by zipLogix, is a powerful easy-to-use real estate forms software program that has been helping real estate offices across the country.
  • Top Producer – Give your clients a complete, end-to-end buying and selling experience by adding Reesio transaction management to your systems.
  • TransactionDesk – A secure online forms platform and document storage system. The service includes online … hich includes InstanetForms, Authentisign and DocBox, among others.
  • SkySlope – SkySlope is a simple cloud based Real Estate Transaction Management software.
Also mentioned BackAgent, Nekst, appFiles, HelloSign, Realvolve, BoomTown, Brivity, Todoist, Referralmaker by Buffini and eEdge as part of their software solution.

For many real estate professionals, the challenge is finding the right suite of tools that will integrate well. “ZipLogix and DocuSign are just tools of the transaction, but managing it requires communications with client and date tracking, which Realvolve does.”

AppFiles was rated highly by some as it will do the job of all other systems for a large team. AppFiles is an extremely robust paperless office system that allows for all the features provided by the other platforms and more things they don’t provide. It is perfect for true real-time collaboration and support of a dispersed sales force. Basically, it is a one-stop-shop.

AOSdates is the go-to for one well-organized and successful agent. AOSdates creates a complete timeline of the transaction that gets emailed out to all the parties involved in the transaction. It also keeps both my clients and myself informed on the progression of the transaction with automatic email reminders so nothing slips through the cracks.”

For e-signature software,  HelloSign is the easiest, most user-friendly, intuitive e-signature software out there. I never get frustrated, it always works. Some consumers way prefer it to DocuSign or DigiSign.

Agents are still looking for the magic combination. A large number of successful agents in the industry are using Form Simplicity, but wants to bring in more. Agents are still in the search for an end-to-end CRM solution. They all have bits and pieces but nothing that integrates my contacts, calendars, phone calls, texts and so on. We have to kind of manually enter everything.

So there you have it. I would love to hear what all of you are using and find that all in one solution for our readers and followers.

Strength and courage,

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