You Need To Stay On Script In Real Estate Sales

The Benefits Of Real Estate Scripts, Dialogs & Canned Sales Presentations

real estate sales scriptsScript- A series of questions and words to lead someone to a desired result.

I was reminded this past week while attending an intense sales training course in California of the incredible importance of using scripts, dialogs and canned sales presentations as a base to your sales success in the real estate business.

As a real estate coach it is our job to really instill the skills to agents on what to say in any situation and to convert appointments, sales presentations and get their client to buy or sell effortlessly.

Prior to my real estate career I was selling encyclopedias door to door for $1,999.99 for each set and for one straight week they made us learn a two and a half hour presentation script that helped me sell these books with greater ease.

I honestly could not imagine selling any encyclopedias for that kind of money as effectively as we did without using a strategic sales presentation, scripts or canned dialogs.

Over and over I hear the resistance from agents about using scripts, dialogs and canned presentations, so here are a few of the key benefits to agents that take the time to practice this important skill.

Take a look at the sales process, what we do every day in Real Estate and ask yourself how many of these require us as agents to know our scripts, dialogs and sales presentations?

  1. Generate Leads
  2. Convert Leads to Appointments
  3. Make Professional Sales Presentations
  4. Ask the Customers to Buy / Sign Up
  5. Follow Up Again, Asking to Buy

The experts say that effective communication is a combination of:

  • 7% of the words you say
  • 28% of the tone you use
  • 65% of your body language.

So, I would have to say without scripts and dialogs and planned presentations we are 93% ineffective with our clients. More importantly communication is transference of energy between people. Are we transferring passion, help, trust or are we transferring “commission breath” and we need the sale and the money?
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• 100 % Customer Focused, Customer Oriented Throughout and Not About You
• Automatic In Response, Nothing to Worry or Think About
• Don’t Need To Worry Ever Again About What To Say
• Words Come Out Of Our Mouth Automatically
• Your Belief In Yourself and Your Service Becomes Stronger
• Your Skill Flows With No Interruption and Keeping You On Track
• Increases Our Self Confidence
• Keeps You Focused, Your Conversation Focused On The Client
• Doesn’t Waste Your Time Or The Client’s Time
• When Internalized It Becomes Part Of You, Who You Are and What You Do
• What You Say and Do Is Consistent

[/ez_box] [ez_box title=”Why Agents Fight Scripts, Dialogs & Presentations?” color=”red”]

• Ego – We Have A Better Way
• Makes Us Look Like A Salesperson
• We Don’t Know What They Are
• We Don’t Have Belief In What We Do
• Out Of Our Comfort Zone
• Lacks Bonding With Clients
• We Don’t Take Control Of Our Appointments
• Too Lazy To Learn Them
• Don’t Like Being Told To Do Something
• Afraid Of The Success
• Doesn’t Sound Natural
• We Like To Wing It

Knowing the skills for speaking with authority will take your business to a whole new level. We know that 28% of communication is how you say it.

Does your voice get higher and upswing or lower and downswing at the end of a question or statement?

The upswing in your voice makes the client feel doubt and skepticism.

A downswing in your voice allows them to feel and hear certainty, trust and like you truly care.

When you video and record take the time to really listen if you are ending your statements and questions with a downswing in tone. It will impact your results tremendously!

Are we bringing the energy?

Energy and passion can trump any lack of sales skills and your passion is key to their buying! You can bring more energy by standing up when making your calls, using hand gestures or even just using a great big smile.

How many of us are giving them what they want and then they just disappear and we are missing the appointment conversion?

In the end it is not about the lead generation, the money is in the lead conversion and setting the appointments.

Here are some simple but “great” scripts to get you started…

Past Client Call Script.

Hi, this is _________________. How are you doing? This is a business call…do you have a minute for me?

The reason for my call is…

Of all the people you know…who do you think will be buying or selling next?

Can you think of anyone… in your church, family, friend, neighbor or
co-worker… that may need my services at this time?

Would you mind if I gave them a call?

By the way… when do you plan on moving?

Lead Follow Up Script.         

Hi, __________________ .  This is  ___________________ with  _____________________.

I am calling with 2 quick questions…

Do you still want to buy / sell?

(Repeat their response and approve)

When can we set an appointment this week?

I have spent many hours practicing presentations, scripts and dialogs and have been taught and mentored by some of the best in this industry and I know this skill has played a huge part in my success and still does to this day.

So let me share a few tips to help you with internalizing your real estate scripts, dialogs and canned sales presentations and watch your business go to another level in 2015.

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• Read The First Line Out Loud 5 Times
• Repeat The First Line Again With A Huge Smile On Your Face
• Take The Next Line and Say It Out Loud 10 Times With A Big Smile
• Put Script Down and Say The First 2 Lines Out Loud With A Big Smile 10 Times By Memory
• Multiple Sentence Scripts Continue The Pattern. You Will Say them 500-600 Times
• Say The Entire Script Out Loud With A Big Smile 5 Times In A Row By Memory, Really Fast.
• Create An Audio Recording Of Your Scripts and Listen To Them Every Day
• Write Your Scripts Out By Hand Every Day
• Record Live Audio/ Video Scripts, Dialogs or Presentations and Critique Them



For some of us this may be a reminder to get back and refresh our sales skills and for others I trust it is a beginning for you to see incredible change and growth in your real estate business this year! Start sounding planned and stop worrying about being canned. Start using the right words to get people to the desired result.

Strength and Courage,


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