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facebook features for realtors

Facebook Features Real Estate Agents Should Know About

Are you a real estate agent that is a Facebook power-user, casual browser or you completely have no idea? No matter your level of social media expertise, you’ll want to read this week’s post as we share some of the hidden gems you will all want to know and implement! We’ve scoured the social media guides, tracked down the experts and sifted through the flashy add-ons to bring you the top tips and tricks. Without further ado, we’ll get right into it — because let’s face it (no pun intended), we’re all a little short on time. Schedule future Facebook mess...

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realtor game changing money habits

Game Changing Money Habits for Realtors©

Over the years I have been taught by my father, T. Harv Ecker, Napolean Hill, Jim Rohn and so many others the habits of money. Here is an exciting thought! Why not work full time on your job and part time on your fortune? How would you feel if you could honestly say, you are working to become wealthy and not just to pay my bills? When you have a plan you will be motivated and this week I want to share a simple formula for creating wealth. Here’s my thought on how money should be allocated. The 70/30 Rule After you pay your fair share of taxes, learn to l...

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canadian real estate insights

The Canadian Real Estate Insights

This week we want to share with agents some valuable Canadian real estate insights from the latest report and how it affects them in today’s market place. (**NOTE: Even though the data this week is specific to the Canadian market there is still tons of great insights Realtors© from all over the world can benefit from.) We begin with the fact that more than 97% of Canadians polled all say they use the website and app as their primary or secondary source for real estate listings in Canada and more than 92% of Canadians are aware of Re...

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you don't have to be perfect realtor

Don’t Try To Be Perfect

I remember having coffee with a friend a few years ago and talking about a challenging time in my own life and he recommended a book to read by Brene Brown called “The Gifts of Imperfection.” So I bought a copy and took it with me on a weekend get away and couldn’t put it down. Have you ever read something and felt like it was written just for you? Well this book was something I could not believe wasn’t written page after page for just me and I think for most of you. You can choose to let go of yourself to live a “fake life” for others, or you can...

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Power Is In The Process for Your Real Estate Business

Reflecting back on the winter Olympics I was constantly reminded of how close the competition is at high levels of sport and how it is so close sometimes at high levels in real estate. The little things in an athletes performances means the difference between winning a medal and going home empty handed. The devil is in the details and the little activities of the process with buyers and sellers as well and makes the big difference if the agent wins the listing or loses a bona fide buyer. Knowing the process that high performing agents use every time to w...

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real estate business driven

Is Your Real Estate Business Driven By Vision or Need?

We all have needs. We all have bills to pay, mouths to feed (in my case 5 mouths to feed – I know, it is not easy!), and some have university to pay for. I get it. Today, I want you to consider setting that aside, and instead start working in a vision. Ask yourself, “Is my real estate business driven by my vision or my needs”? That’s right, what if you started working according to a vision, instead of working according to your needs? I recently went through this myself and earlier this year, I realized I was working according to my needs and ...

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are you winning or is the customer

Are You Winning Or Is The Customer?

It is one of the most difficult skills in real estate to master, the skill of objection handling. Many sales professionals struggle terribly to know how and what to respond to with a customer and their defense. So, ask yourself, are you winning or is the customer?  I am always reminded that we as agents need to have the mindset of a child. When my kids were growing up and even to this day they are relentless when it comes to getting what they want and won’t take no for an answer.  How many of us know what I am talking about and have those kids? Are You...

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The Silent Killer In Real Estate

a scary evil clown peering out from a purple stage curtain, with his forefinger in front of his lips, asking for silence, with a negative space on one side What is the silent killer in real estate? If there is such a thing, would you want to know? If you knew, would you do something about it? Astronauts flying into space in a  rocket ship are basically in a bomb with a few people inside waiting to explode as a result of the smallest error.  Astronauts ask themselves the question during every step, “What is the next thing that can kill me?”.   Astronauts ...

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Blow Away the Competition for a Listing or Buyer's Commitment

Blow Away The Competition For A Listing Or Buyer’s Commitment

The spring market doesn’t begin in the spring. It begins now! What you do now to get a listing or buyer’s commitment is what you get in the spring. Think about the amount of time you invest into finding a listing or a bona fide buyer? Someone who wants to sell their home or wants to buy a home. Then think of all the time and money you spend before, during and after the marketing of that property or servicing the buyer. Then think of all the money you will earn if you successfully get the listing and the property sells or place that buyer into their...

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deadly sins in real estate

The Seven Deadly Real Estate Sins

It has always intrigued me that regardless of market conditions, or geographic location, the vast majority of industry professionals remain confident about the real estate business. The “genetic optimism” has propelled our industry through up-and-down market cycles and continues to attract hardworking entrepreneurs who see the enormous potential the housing market represents. Increasingly, though, I am hearing from brokers and agents an undercurrent of concern about what to expect next. How will emerging technologies change the business? What will they n...

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Track and measure your real estate business results

Time to Track & Measure Your Real Estate Biz

The first quarter of 2018 has come and gone. The key to knowing how you are doing in business and life is to take time to reflect and see where you have been, where you are at and where you need to be heading. So let’s look at how to track and measure your real estate business for the first quarter. Look at the activities and not just the results. The results will come if the activities are in place. How did the first quarter of your year go for you personally and in your real estate profession? Are you behind your goals? Ahead of your goals? Just right ...

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new realtor technology

2018 Hot New Companies All Agents Should Know About

Innovation in real estate is pushing agents to be more accountable.  It’s reshaping how properties are bought, managed and sold. With increased access to data, homebuyers now have all the information they need to make an educated purchasing decision. Here are some of the hottest new companies to help you stay ahead of the curve. Adwerx Retargeting technology and building this technology into your own real estate websites allows us to be top of mind with the consumers even after they have left your website. You now appear on youtube, facebook and other we...

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decision making for realtors

The Six Steps To Making A Decision & G.S.D!

Most people struggle when it comes to decision-making. They get paralyzed by fear or lack of certainty – or they just get overwhelmed and don’t know where to start and never get stuff done! Business owners make the decisions no one else can – or will – make. But the best ones use a system to ensure they are choosing the best possible option and reducing any potential downside. I remember reading about General Schwartzkopf and mentors who have shaped our beliefs about life and decision-making. He spoke of one of the generals he had worked for before he wa...

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get listing in low inventory market

10 Tips to Get Listings In A Low Inventory Market!

The majority of markets in North America are experiencing unprecedented low inventory levels and the supply is just not meeting the demands of buyers. The spring is quickly coming upon us and the key to our success as agents is the inventory game and having that listing inventory going into the spring and summer season. So if there are little or no listings how can I buck the trend and create listings vs. wait for listings? Here are my top ideas for you to implement now and begin winning the inventory game! 1. Unsolicited market evaluations for all past ...

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fear motivate you as a realtor

5 Ways Fear Can Motivate You

Before I was in real estate I was traveling all over the prairies for the summer as a college student selling encyclopedias door to door to pay for my music degree. Every day I would have to psyche ourselves up to start knocking on doors at 3pm until 10 pm and try finding someone who wanted to buy a set of encyclopedias for $1,999.99 a set. The thoughts that ran through my head before heading out were so powerful. Thoughts like the fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear that I wasn’t enough — fear is a common current that runs through all of our lives....

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Pre listing Questionare

Powerful Pre Listing Appointment Questionnaire

We are now coming into the time of year where we all really want to build our listing inventory up for when our spring markets begin to hit. One of the simplest and most powerful strategies I use to eliminate my competition and to get the inside track on a listing appointment is to use a pre listing appointment questionnaire. This simple strategy is a fantastic way to impress the prospective seller by connecting with them in advance of our appointment. By confirming the appointment date and time it shows them we were really on the ball with our service a...

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bad habits in real estate

Habits That Hinder Our Success

Do you feel you never have enough time at the end of your day? Never enough money at the end of the month? We all have certain habits we need to quit to start increasing our own personal and professional success. Here are some of the top habits that always seem to hinder one’s success. 1. Saying YES When You Want To Say NO. If an activity, partnership or opportunity doesn’t resonate with you and does not feel aligned with your values and goals, you need to be comfortable about setting boundaries. Learn how to say no with kindness right from the start bec...

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social media visibility real estate

Visibility Trumps Ability – Dominate Your Market.

A good friend of mine recently spoke to our brokerage and really brought home how anyone could go into any market place and dominate within a certain period of time. The amazing fact that 52% of all internet and online traffic is completely related to social media now and if you think social media is a fad and it is going away you really need to think again. The other statement that really resonated with me was “We need to act like a consumer with our marketing and follow the game changing way we are exploring on the internet and that is social media and...

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mental toughness for REALTORS©

How to Build Mental Strength as a REALTOR©

I have recently been coaching my son Jude’s grade eight boys basketball team and find myself as a coach referring to the boys about their mental toughness. Coaches and sport commentators freely use the term mental toughness to describe the mental state of athletes who persevere through difficult sport and life circumstances to succeed. As a player, coach and even a real estate agent we all are faced with difficult circumstances and our mental toughness plays a huge part to our sport and our real estate business success. This week I want to share some sim...

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Must Read Real Estate Books for 2018

Every year when I put together this post I hope many of you will do more than just “plan” to pick up some of these books and implement what they teach. Reading these and similar books over the years are a huge part of why I have had the success in my business and personal life that I’ve come to enjoy. Reading not only offers us more information, it also keeps us in the “student” mode of life which helps keep things fresh, new and exciting while opening ourself to new and previously unknown possibilities and opportunities. In...

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zero or low cost agent marketing ideas

32 No Cost Or Low Cost Marketing Ideas For Agents 2018

Often I hear realtors tell me how expensive it is to do effective marketing as a real estate agent and how they don’t have the budget for these costs. Although I agree there are some very pricey marketing tactics in play right now, I assure you there are countless highly effective tactics that are “zero” cost or low cost. 2018 Low and No Cost Marketing Ideas for Agents… 1. Pick up the phone and talk to 5 current or past clients a day. 2. Ask for the business just by adding to your email signature “The greatest compliment you can g...

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5 percent in real estate

What Is Your 5 Per Cent Work?

Did you know that anything we do really only requires 5 per cent of you? Which means we are not using 95 per cent of ourselves and those activities should be delegated or outsourced to someone else or something else and in turn leaves us more time on the 5 per cent of our gift and talent work. Let us look at this analogy of a winery and selling wine. We start with the expert who grows the grapes for the wine with incredible attention, care and nurturing of those grapes and the growing of the grapes only represents the 5 per cent of the wineries success. ...

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top 5 real estate activities

Top 5 Most Read AgentsBoost Posts of 2017

I am humbled and honoured once again at the success and growth we experience year after year at AgentsBoost. We are still being read by multiple thousands of agents a month in well over 100 countries. None of our success at AgentsBoost would be possible without incredible agents like you and your support. This week we want to share the top 5 posts of 2017 and take this time to say thank you so much to you all and for your support!! If we can do anything for you in return this year don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can help!! #1  Shocking...

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realtor gratitude

How Gratitude Can Change Your Life

grat·i·tude – ɡradəˌt(y)o͞od/ – noun – The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Let me ask you a few questions. Would you like more joy in your life? Increased productivity? Better relationships? What if I told you that just one thing can help you in all these areas? An Attitude Of Gratitude is that one thing! What the heck Wade? Gratitude? I thought this was a real estate or business blog and not a self-help blog? I have spent time with so many incredibly successful people and they all h...

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