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5 percent in real estate

What Is Your 5 Per Cent Work?

Did you know that anything we do really only requires 5 per cent of you? Which means we are not using 95 per cent of ourselves and those activities should be delegated or outsourced to someone else or something else and in turn leaves us more time on the 5 per cent of our gift and talent work. Let us look at this analogy of a winery and selling wine. We start with the expert who grows the grapes for the wine with incredible attention, care and nurturing of those grapes and the growing of the grapes only represents the 5 per cent of the wineries success. ...

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top 5 real estate activities

Top 5 Most Read AgentsBoost Posts of 2017

I am humbled and honoured once again at the success and growth we experience year after year at AgentsBoost. We are still being read by multiple thousands of agents a month in well over 100 countries. None of our success at AgentsBoost would be possible without incredible agents like you and your support. This week we want to share the top 5 posts of 2017 and take this time to say thank you so much to you all and for your support!! If we can do anything for you in return this year don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can help!! #1  Shocking...

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realtor gratitude

How Gratitude Can Change Your Life

grat·i·tude – ɡradəˌt(y)o͞od/ – noun – The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Let me ask you a few questions. Would you like more joy in your life? Increased productivity? Better relationships? What if I told you that just one thing can help you in all these areas? An Attitude Of Gratitude is that one thing! What the heck Wade? Gratitude? I thought this was a real estate or business blog and not a self-help blog? I have spent time with so many incredibly successful people and they all h...

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12 days of real estate xmas

The 12 Days Of Real Estate (Christmas)

On the first day of real estate my true love gave to me… Spend some focused time on your real estate database prior to 2018. If you don’t have a database then assemble one. Input names from your phone, emails, social media and client files. Take the time to build a monthly database touch system for 2018 making specific activities each month to add value and deepen your relationships with your database. This “give to get” activity is the best way to increase repeat and referral business in 2018. On the Second Day of real estate my true love gave to me… Cr...

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Buy or sell real estate in the winter

The Top Reasons Why You Should Buy & Sell Over The Winter 2018

Knowing what the biggest objection you face over the next few months allows you the edge to be prepared when it strikes. We all know the #1 objection all agents are going to get from real estate buyers and sellers is “We want to wait until the spring.” So having the ability to change how the buyer and seller feels about waiting to buy or sell until the spring is imperative to your winter real estate success!! Don’t try changing their minds and building their defense mechanism up but educate them and change how they think and then they change how they fee...

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real estate business card

Secrets To The Real Estate Business Card That Makes You Money

It amazes me how agents seem to underestimate the importance of their own real estate business card. We have all heard the saying “You never get a second chance for a first impression” and your first impression can be defined a lot of the time by your business card. This can be especially true when you’re attending a conference or an event or meeting someone important for the first time. Faces and names may blur, but you’ll be left with a stack of business cards that can mean important connections later on. Buyers and sellers may meet with se...

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realtor no to yes

How To Turn The “No’s” Into A “Yes”

There will be plenty of times in the early days of a business when you’ll ask for something you want, and the answer will be no. For most people, that “no” is the end of the conversation. Real estate is a business full of rejection. How you respond to it is what matters. If you let it get you down, you’re going to lose. If you persevere in the face of adversity, you’re going to win. It’s been estimated only 4-6% of appointments are booked on the first call. That means success in real estate requires you making yourself vulnerable time a...

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realtor Business plan 2018

Power Planning For Success In 2018

When the year begins to wind down you should not wait until the very end to start planning for next year. This means having a crystal clear understanding of the successes and challenges of your current year, how it impacts your upcoming year, and developing a vision of what you want to accomplish, and how. I believe you should always start working on your next year strategy months in advance of the new year. This awards you enough time to make an impact on your final quarter, and lay the groundwork for making sure your next fiscal year starts off on a so...

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oz principle for real estate agents

The Oz Principle & Living Above The Line

I love reading the comments on my blog articles or listening to agents responses in coaching sessions. You know I do. But every once in a while, I’ll see or hear a comment and I can’t help but shake my head. “Thanks Wade, but what if I’m a new agent?” Or “Great info but how do I use this if I live in ________?” Or “That’s not the way that we do it around here.” I wonder if these people are truly seeking solutions, or… Are they looking for excuses? “Well Wade, I’m new, this doesn’t really apply to me.” Yes it does! “Well Wade, my market’s different. I’m n...

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realtor finish strong

How To Finish 2017 Strong. The Final Countdown!

Why is it so easy to get apathetic, complacent or take the foot off the gas in the final quarter of the year. The seasons are changing and the days are getting shorter and the sense of urgency with our real estate market and our business seems to be settling down for a long winter’s nap. For a lot of us this is not good nor can we afford to let this happen?! Do you want to finish the year with a whimper or finish it with a bang? Do you want to have to snap out of a funk to start 2018… Or steamroll into it full of momentum? With that in mind, here are som...

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realtor facebook reviews

Facebook Reviews: What REALTORSⓇ Need To Know

As of June 30, 2017, Facebook has over 1 Billion daily active users, with 400 new users signing up every minute.  Facebook is the largest social network around and it’s fairly safe to say that the majority of your clients are on it frequently. I was looking at some recent statistics about Facebook regarding users’ habits and brand social media strategy.  Two statistics that stood out for me were: 42% of Customer service responses are attended to within 60 minutes.  People relate quick response to good customer service! (Source: SproutSocial) 71% of peo...

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real estate negotiation strategies

The Art Of Negotiation

It is amazing how little negotiation training most real estate agents have and most of the training they do have comes from battle scars and previous negotiations. When it comes to negotiation in all sales there are two schools of thought. 1.Win/Lose 2.Win/Win Real estate is a zero-sum business. There are a fixed number of transactions every year in every market. Personal marketing and prospecting is a hunting expedition for those buyers and sellers. Every listing taken and every home sold reduces the balance available. That is why it is impossible mathe...

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millionaire realtor check list

The Top Agents Daily Checklist

We all know we have the same 365 days, 52 weeks, 12 months in our real estate year and begin with an even playing field, right? So what is the secret to the top producing agents and what they do with that same time every other agent has? We know it boils down to implementation and execution of specific activities done over time with consistency that creates the long term massive success we all want. This week we break down the daily checklist of the millionaire real estate agents and what it is they do every day no matter what that creates a massive end ...

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realtors need to innovate

Lesson’s For Agent’s From Toys R Us

This year continues to present a challenging retail environment, which has now been further disrupted by the Toys “R” Us Chapter 11 filing. Toys R Us did two things over the past few decades that were not the best business decisions for them. The first decision was in about 2001 – 2002 when they chose to use Amazon for their fulfillment and make them the main fulfillment for their toys instead of believing in the internet. This basically made buying toys off the internet from Amazon something we became very comfortable doing instead of us buying from Toy...

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eliminate non productive thoughts as real estate agent

The Top Ten Thoughts Agents Need To Eliminate

“We become what we think about most of the time, and that’s the strangest secret.” To an extent, we were all just going to do what we’re all going to do, and isn’t that such an enormous relief? After all, most of the time, we work with what we have to work with, we gravitate towards the things that make us happy, we source ideas and inspiration that are wholly unique and individual to us, and most of those processes are not even necessarily conscious, let alone active. People emerge from the womb a blank slate and fill the space with the things they’re n...

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determine your why in real estate

How To Determine Your WHY in Real Estate

“When your WHY is big enough you will find your how.” Laith Wallace It’s often one of the first things you ask someone when you meet them. “What do you do?” or “Where do you work?” Want to know a much more interesting question? Ask them this one. “So Why do you work?” I guarantee their answer will tell you a lot about them and YOUR answer will help you perform up to your potential in life. I believe a crucial step to living a more fulfilling life is to know your “WHY” before you know your HOW. Lots of people ask me HOW to take their real esta...

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hows the real estate market?

The Question People Ask Most Agents Don’t Know The Answer To

If someone opened the door of opportunity for you, would you slam it shut? If you’re shaking your head no right now, are you sure? I see agents make this mistake every single day. I mean every single day… It happens every day because this opportunity is without a doubt the most-asked question agents receive all the time. It’s something you probably hear every time you’re out in public or around friends, family members or acquaintances. Yet most agents honestly don’t know how to answer this often-asked question correctly, and therefore effectively s...

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video marketing for realtors

Why Video Is So Important To Our Marketing

As you probably know, there is a big shift in video across social media for REALTORS. Agents typically fall into 3 categories when it comes to video… They avoid it completely They do it but not very well They are crushing it! What category are you and your real estate business in? Video has become the normal way in which many people consume information online. Most agents are missing a big opportunity by not using video. Even from a listing point of view, listings with videos get 400x more inquiries! But videos are more than just a way to showcase a li...

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persuasion as realtor

Persuade Or Be Persuaded? That Is The Question.

Eat or be eaten. Influence or be influenced. Somebody’s always selling or somebody is always buying, consciously or not. If you open up your medicine cabinet or your dresser drawers or your pantry or your garage or even just look around the room you are sitting in now. Each item you see is a war trophy representing somebodies victory or a companies victory. Where you traded your hard-earned cash for their product. How did they do it? What tools did they use? It is the all important skill of influence and persuasion. Make no mistake there are armies...

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real estate is hard work

Just Show Up. Put In the Work!

Every agent wants to separate themselves from the masses of agents in the business and stand out from the herd. I have accepted the fact that 80% of the agents I coach and who read my blog posts and take my training will be completely motivated, fired up and inspired but then do not a damn thing I share with them to change their business income and life. I think I might be generous with the 80% and maybe more like 98% of REALTORs. I am not where I am today and achieved what I was able to achieve as a sales agent and a broker owner because I changed into ...

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top 5 real estate activities

So What Are The Fab Five in Real Estate?

I am a huge believer of tracking and measuring everything we do in real estate so we can tell what is working, what is not working and what we are doing well and more importantly what we frankly should just do more of. The second half of the year is about doing more of what works and if you do more of that you obviously like your chances of finishing the year strong. I coach, train and speak to hundreds of agents a year and this is the top five activities that work with all the most successful agents I work with. Fab 5 Activities in Real Estate 1) Databa...

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realtor words have power

The Five Phrases Every Agent Needs To Use!

Did you know real estate agents every day are costing themselves tens of thousands of dollars in business by what they are saying or even what they are not saying? What we say, and what we don’t say and how we say it changes everything for agents and their business. This week we want to share with you the five proven statements every agent needs to use in their real estate business to generate more productivity. In real estate all agents have gifts, talents and personalities they think is enough and tend to push away from scripts, dialogs and techniques....

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