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Top 10 Reason’s Why You Buy & Sell Over The Winter – Debunking The Myth

The #1 objection all agents are getting from real estate buyers and sellers is “we are waiting until spring.” So having the ability to change how the buyer and seller feels about waiting to buy or sell until the spring is imperative to your winter real estate success!! The fact of the matter is, the reasons and myths are endless so it’s our job as REALTORS® to be equipped with facts and a strong reality check to combat these reasons we hear every day. To help you through the winter season I put together some of the top reasons a
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People Don't Buy for Logical Reasons… They Buy for Emotional Reasons… What are Your Client's Reasons?

What is Your Client’s Pain or Pleasure? Do You Have a Clue? In order to have a client do what you want them to do you must first help them discover their inner pain or pleasure. Joe Stumpf ~ My Mentor There are only two emotions that trigger someone to act and those are “pain” and “pleasure”. In the real estate business I find so many agents do not recognize the importance of discovering what their buyer or seller’s true driving motivation is. Is your client running from “pain”? Are they running to  “pleasure”? Knowing the answer to those questions
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