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So What Are The Fab Five in Real Estate?

I am a huge believer of tracking and measuring everything we do in real estate so we can tell what is working, what is not working and what we are doing well and more importantly what we frankly should just do more of. The second half of the year is about doing more of what works and if you do more of that you obviously like your chances of finishing the year strong. I coach, train and speak to hundreds of agents a year and this is the top five activities that work with all the most successful agents I
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Door Knocking Strategies For Real Estate 2014

Generate Leads and Build Your Real Estate Database with These Door Knocking Tips Door knocking can be a very good activity for lead generation for real estate agents that are really committed. Many of my coaching clients are having tremendous success with face to face and door to door contact with potential buyer and sellers. So many of us if asked would say “I am at my best when face to face with people” so door knocking is a natural for us all. For new Realtors this is a fantastic way to build your database and sphere of influence and
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