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So What Are The Fab Five in Real Estate?

I am a huge believer of tracking and measuring everything we do in real estate so we can tell what is working, what is not working and what we are doing well and more importantly what we frankly should just do more of. The second half of the year is about doing more of what works and if you do more of that you obviously like your chances of finishing the year strong. I coach, train and speak to hundreds of agents a year and this is the top five activities that work with all the most successful agents I
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Open Houses… Love Them or Hate Them Here Are My Top Tips

OK Realtors are You Ready To Take Your Open Houses to the Next Level? Over the years I have seen open house as an opportunity for most agents to catch up on sleep, office paper work, TV reruns or raid their sellers fridge. There are so many opinions on open houses in the industry… Some realtors say they love them… Other say they are a waste of time. I want to share some of my personal strategies that changed everything for me and my business with holding an open house. I’m often asked… “How long does an open house need
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