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25 Staging Tips To Win More Listings and Sell Listings For More

One of the things I ran into when I first started really talking about staging houses with sellers was I discovered I could get a listing against a lot of agents who were better than me — when I say “better,” I mean who were bigger producers than me. This would happen because when they would talk about staging the house they would tell the seller, “Okay, you need to do this, you need to do this, you need to do this,” they would actually put off the seller. They would often make the seller mad because the seller felt
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Realtors… Here Are the Top 22 Things to Kick Start Your 2013

Get a Great Start to 2013 With This Top 22 Checklist Welcome back and Happy New Year!! Hope you had a great rest and time with your loved ones. We had some great market activity in 2012 and there appears to be no reason for it not to continue well into 2013. Turn to your neighbor and let them know “The market looks great in 2013. This is going to be my best year ever!!” Many of us begin the New Year with resolutions to make our life better personally and in business but without a definite plan many of
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