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The Truths About Real Estate Buyers & Buyers Agents

We have all heard or said the comment “Buyers are liars” and personally that is the furthest thing from the truth if we really took the time to understand them better and how they really want to be served. Let’s look first at the common buyer agent and their issues buyers say about them. 1) They don’t listen 2) They don’t understand our needs & wants 3) They have no process, they wing It and they are reactive 4) They wait vs. create a buying opportunity 5) They get us to buy what they think we should buy 6) They can’t
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The Secrets to Working with Buyers Exclusively & Getting Paid

Redefine Your Buyer Agent Mindset for 2015 For more than two decades I have watched real estate agents roll the dice and let the home buyer take advantage of them, their profession and their time. Why do we continue to gamble and let the buyer play the game better than us? With the creation of buyer agreements we would think the game would stop but that is not what is happening at all. My opinion is, I feel the level of training on how to present your value proposition to get a buyer to sign with you has not been
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