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Must Read Real Estate Books for 2018

Every year when I put together this post I hope many of you will do more than just “plan” to pick up some of these books and implement what they teach. Reading these and similar books over the years are a huge part of why I have had the success in my business and personal life that I’ve come to enjoy. Reading not only offers us more information, it also keeps us in the “student” mode of life which helps keep things fresh, new and exciting while opening ourself to new and previously unknown possibilities and opportunities. In my early
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The Diamond Of Salesmanship – The Four Things You Do On Any Appointment To Get Results!

I am always amazed when I get to see mastery in sales at work and how the best can make it look effortless and it really isn’t sales at all but something that is natural and who they are like poetry in motion. The legend, my friend and one of my mentors Floyd Wickman taught us to be effective consultants and not sales person’s with people by using what he called the “Diamond of Salesmanship.” 4 Points to the Diamond of Salesmanship The Diamond of salesmanship was the perfect tool to help come across as a consultant or an advisor
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Must Read Books for Realtors in 2014

Feed Your Real Estate Business with the Knowledge… Wisdom and Experience of Others As a young man in school I really struggled with school and to be honest I read very little unless I had to. In my early years as a real estate agent I had the privilege to see Jim Rohn speak at an event. Jim was the most amazing business speakers I have ever seen to this day. He made a few comments like grow yourself and grow your income and miss a meal before missing a good book. Those statements never left me and I began
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