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Ways To Maintain A Solid Real Estate Business In 2021

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maintain solid real estate business 2021The last year and a half have definitely been some challenging times. Remember in uncertain times you can still control your own environment, be proactive and come out a winner. My personal friend and mentor Brian Buffini always reminded us to consider all areas of your personal and business life are in check. Consider your spiritual, family, business, financial and personal and ensure your 5 Circle fit. The 5 circle fit check can help you stay motivated and energized no matter what life throws your way. As a real estate professional, it’s helpful to hone your focus on the business circle. Here’s how:

Stick to a Schedule

If we don’t take control of our own time someone or something else will Working for yourself gives great freedom – you get to set your own hours and be in charge of your own calendar. However, with great freedom comes great responsibility! As a business owner, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer multitude of the tasks you have to complete every day. This is why a schedule to keep you on track is vital. Start and end your day at set hours. Also, designate special periods for dealing with administration, checking email and running errands so you don’t get distracted by non-lead generating activities that waste time.

Invest in Relationships

We are in the relationships business and have missed that connection and face to face time so much the last year and a half. Strong relationships are at the heart of every good business, so you have to make building them your business! Calls, notes and a drop by gift, coffee or lunches are powerful ways to consistently reach out and connect with your clients and others in your sphere of influence. When you go above and beyond to serve your customers and prove your trustworthiness, they will become megaphones for you in the marketplace, eager to refer you to others. This way, the stream of referrals will never dry up!

Stay Motivated

If it’s meant to be, then it’s up to me! In difficult and demanding times, it can be hard to stay upbeat and motivated. To remain positive, be careful what you watch, read and listen to. Tune into educational and informative podcasts. Avoid people that drain you and seek out resources that provide facts-based knowledge and encourage growth and personal development! I can’t emphasize the importance of guarding yourself  it really is about energy management versus time management.

Track Finances

Tracking, measuring and shifting along the way is key! When you’re running your own business, finances are a serious matter. To know exactly where your money is going, you need to create a spending plan for your business and yourself. Separate your business and your personal accounts, pay yourself a salary based on your budget and remember to factor in rainy-day reserves and a retirement fund. By conducting a financial overhaul and getting your business on the right track, you’ll outlast your competition and be able to live the good life.

Get a Real Estate Mentor/Coach

When it comes to achieving goals, accountability is key. We all do better when we have to answer to someone! The best real estate mentor will help, encourage and celebrate you, but he or she will also hold your feet to the fire and make sure that you do what you promised to! Who is mentoring you? Who is encouraging you? Who is holding you accountable? It has been an honour to be able to serve so many over the many years and never take that lightly.

I trust some of these reminders will help you get on track or back on track this next few weeks and be able to really finish 2021.

Strength and courage,



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