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The Oz Principle & Living Above The Line

I love reading the comments on my blog articles or listening to agents responses in coaching sessions. You know I do. But every once in a while, I’ll see or hear a comment and I can’t help but shake my head. “Thanks Wade, but what if I’m a new agent?” Or “Great info but how do I use this if I live in ________?” Or “That’s not the way that we do it around here.” I wonder if these people are truly seeking solutions, or… Are they looking for excuses? “Well Wade, I’m new, this doesn’t really apply to me.”
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The Hour-By-Hour Plan For The Top Producers

One of the things we all love about real estate as a career is it is never the same day twice. The freedom and flexibility with our time is something that empowers us or THIS, however, can also be our recipe for disaster. We are Sleeping ‘til 10am, a long lunch until 2 in the afternoon, then scrolling through Facebook until 5pm … before you know it, an entire day has slipped through the cracks and you have nothing to show for it. Can you relate? You’ve heard me say it before, “Routine is the sign of an ambitious individual.” Routine is what
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Happy New Year Realtors – Let’s KICKSTART 2014 Right!

Jumpstart the First Quarter of Your Real Estate Business in 2014 Happy New Year to all my real estate agent friends around the world! I hope you all had a great Christmas break and are ready to hit the ground running. The important thing about “running” when it comes to making your real estate business successful is that you’re going in the right direction. Working “hard” is great if you are working on things that produce long term results which move you towards achieving your most important goals. To help point you in a productive direction I am going to
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