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Are You the Agent The Leads Think Of First?

Are you the first agent your leads think of when they want to buy or sell a home? I talk to agents ALL the time who are driving down the street and see a house they know sold by another agent or someone an agent knows bought a house from another agent. You CAN stand out among the competition when you follow the 4 Step Lead plan! What is the 4 Step Lead plan? It is a simple 4 step […]

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The Top 12 Offers That Generate More Real Estate Leads

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So what do they want that I have? That is the magic question in real estate lead generation. This week we have what I feel are the some of the top offerings in real estate that create the most amount of leads for agents. It’s best to have a range of offers that appeal to your different customer types so that no matter who hits your website there’s an offer that appeals to them. 12 Different Types of Offers to […]

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How Do I Schedule More Real Estate Appointments?

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We all know in real estate communication is everything and how we feel on the inside is what is coming out to people on the outside through your words, tone and energy. We all want the client to feel good when we communicate with them so it starts by us feeling good ourselves! You can’t be a lean mean appointment setting machine if you are someone who is sad, angry, depressed or totally stressed out on the inside because that […]

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What To Say To An Online Lead On The Phone?

Learn the Art of Closing a Phone Lead There are 2 specific things you must do for every phone conversation you have with a real estate lead if you want to close the sale. 1) Gain control 2) ARPing The ability to hyper-personalize a sales call gives you an unfair advantage where you can properly and legally stalk a lead and use the intel you gather on them during the first minute and throughout your follow up call. You can […]

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Secrets To Converting Old Leads. Your Leads Aren’t Dead!

The cure for lead ailment is not to generate more leads. The notion that if somehow you just continue to add more leads to the top of your pipeline then the appointments and sales will work themselves out is the furthest thing from the truth when it comes to real estate leads. Agents have absolutely no excuse for letting hundreds, maybe thousands of leads die a slow death when there is proven ways to convert a dead lead. “Don’t trip […]

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Building Real Estate Leads with a Stellar Landing Page

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Over the past few years I have implemented online lead generation systems for our brokerage and have become a big fan of lead generation using landing pages. This week we are hearing some great strategies for agents using landing pages from some experts in the business. Let’s hear what Peter from Top5Agent has for us on landing pages for REALTORS. At this point you know that being a player on the web is the right call for agents in virtually […]

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How to Convert Internet Real Estate Leads to Listings and Sales.