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Video Topics That Increase Your Real Estate Brand & Generate You Leads

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video topics to increase real estate brand awareness and generate leadsHow many of us are still scared to go in front of a camera and embrace the “video” world we are living in today? Video is so powerful that google bought Youtube the second biggest search engine machine on the internet just to keep the top 2 spots on the internet for searching. Whether we love it or hate it as real estate agents we need to embrace it so let’s dive into video topic ideas that are easy to make and will position your real estate brand for success in your marketplace. We’ll start with some listing attraction videos.

Video Idea No. 1: Selling in [Your City]? Avoid this $25,000 Mistake!

What’s the most costly mistake homeowners tend to make when selling a house? Surely you can think of something compelling. Then make a video about it and tailor it to your market. It doesn’t have to be long… Grab the viewer with an alarming stat or statement. Establish your local expertise. Explain the problem. Show the solution. Get in, get out… one video done!

Video Idea No. 2: How to Sell Your [Specific Property Type Here] Home for Top Dollar. Does your marketplace have properties that naturally differentiate themselves from other homes? Do you want to get more listings in those markets by positioning yourself as the expert? Then make these videos! Maybe it’s waterfront homes. Maybe it’s gated community homes. Maybe it’s mountain homes. Maybe it’s golf course homes. Maybe it’s equestrian properties. Maybe it’s all of those and more! Yes, you’ll need to invest some time researching what makes those properties different, but the vast majority of advice you provide can be suggestions that apply to selling a home anywhere. By segmenting them out individually, you’ll establish yourself as an expert for those product types and those homeowners will feel you have a stronger understanding of their needs.

Video Idea No. 3: How to Prepare Your Home to Sell for Top Dollar. Simple… I’m sure you give people tips on how to prepare their home for sale during every listing presentation. Or at least once you take a listing and are preparing for showings. Right?

Whether they’re major landscaping tips or quick and simple fixes, take that information and make a video from it!

Video Idea No. 4: Selling Your [Your City] Home for the Highest Price. What’s hot in your market today? What drives certain home sales higher than others? Share the market trends and your tips in an informative video tailored to wherever you work.

Video Idea No. 5: Downsizing Your [Your City] Home – 15 Tips You Should Know. Are you starting to see a pattern here? Take any customer type – in this case, people looking to downsize – and create a video specifically for them that ties to your local market. Pretty simple, right? Just imagine you’re sitting face to face with people who told you they’ve lived in their four-bedroom house for the past 22 years and they’re ready to sell it and find a condo or townhouse. What advice would you give them? What questions would you ask? Put it on video and get that advice out into your market!

Video Idea No. 6: Selling in [Your City] & Leaving the State or Province – A How-To Guide! Again, pretty simple. What do people who are moving out of the area need to do differently than those who are moving within town? Share your best tips in a video and – if you’re part of a powerful referral network like our coaching ecosystem – demonstrate how you can help them connect with a world-class agent in their new destination. You got this!

Video Idea No. 7: Do I Have to Sell My Home in [Your City] When I Move to [New Location]? Some cities traditionally have migration patterns with others. If that’s the case in your market, make a video specifically advising those who might be considering that exact move. For instance, I know I’m not the only one who’s recently left California for Texas, and I would’ve loved to watch a video preparing me for that move. And it would definitely make a positive impression when choosing my listing agent who understands my goals and where I’m headed.

Video Idea No. 8: Moving to [Your City]? 7 Local Insights You Should Know. Now let’s transition to a few buyer attraction video ideas, and this first one will unquestionably establish you as the local expert. What would you tell someone who was moving to your town from out of the area? I’m sure you could come up with 100 things, but whittle it down to 7 or 10 or whatever catchy number works for you, and then create a video. You might want to mix in some local flavor like your favorite parks or restaurants along with tactical advice for their move such as what part of town they might prefer, current home price range, etc.

Video Idea No. 9: Buying an Investment Property in [Your City]: 7 Mistakes to Avoid. Working with investor clients is a great way to add diversity to your lead pillars, and making a video like this will surely attract them. Show off your local expertise and showcase your area to connect with locals and potentially attract out of town investors looking to buy in new markets.

Video Idea No. 10: Buying a Second Home in [Your City]: 6 Things You Need to Know. If you live and work in an area with lots of retirees and/or vacation homes, this is a perfect video to create. Walk people through the highlights of your area, what they can expect from the home-buying process, the taxes and local fees they might need to know about, local Airbnb regulations (in case they’re interesting in renting the property when they’re not there), local recreation and more.

Video Idea No. 11: What $[Dollar Amount] Gets You in [Your Town] This one has endless possibilities. You could create videos at all different price points featuring homes currently on the market or recently sold properties to give people an idea how far their money will go in your area. Better yet, create this video starting at the airport, showing them potential places they could stay when visiting town, and then walk them through various properties inside the MLS. Because of market fluctuations, this video might have a shorter shelf life than some of my other suggestions, but it’s worth it because it’s uber-compelling to those who might be interested. Once you create this video, I’d suggest you revisit it every six months or so to see if it’s still relevant. (If not, don’t take it down but DO create an updated version.)

Video Idea No. 12: Driving Tours of Every Community You Work. Now we’re getting into some more generic video ideas not necessarily targeting buyers or sellers, but they’ll still get you known throughout your community. This first one is an idea championed by L.A. Rockstar Christophe Choo, who created driving tours of all the West L.A. neighborhoods and all their distinctive differences, noteworthy properties and his insights. Even if your communities aren’t as glamorous as the Beverly Hills-adjacent neighborhoods Christophe serves, this is a surefire way to establish yourself as a local expert. And the beauty of these videos is that they live online forever, meaning more and more people will find you through them as time goes by. Simply mount your camera on your windshield, describe the community while driving through it, make any minor edits, and then post it on your website and YouTube for eternity. Then do the same thing for the subdivision next to that one. And so on and so on. Soon you’ll be the talk of the town and widely considered the local market expert.

Video Idea No. 13: 30 Questions About Real Estate in 30 Days. Here’s another simple one that has legs. I’m sure you can think of 30 thought-provoking questions clients have asked you throughout your career. Answer them one by one in a video series split over a monthlong timespan. Post them on all your social channels and create a buzz.

Video Idea No. 14: 22 Real Estate Lessons I’ve Learned Helping [Number of Past Clients] Families Buy & Sell a Home in [Your City] Maybe your number isn’t 22. Make it whatever you want. But sit down and think about some of the valuable lessons you’ve learned throughout your experience in the industry. Then share them with your community. This video has a dual benefit – not only are you educating and informing people with valuable real estate advice, but in the process you’re also demonstrating your strong ties to the community and impressive years of experience. Be sure to work in local references – what part of town you were working, etc., to further build those community ties.

Video Idea No. 15: How’s the Market in [Your City]? While most of the other video suggestions I’ve provided here have a long shelf life, this is a topic you should be tackling on a weekly (or monthly at the very least) basis. During this recurring show, provide a glimpse at the national real estate landscape, then localize it and talk more in-depth about market trends, happenings, and your take on it. You can also tell your clients’ stories and show how you help people move on to the next stage of their lives by achieving their home buying and selling goals.

Video Idea No. 16: How To Buy A Home Before You Sell. This is one of the biggest fears and reasons why we have no inventory all over N. America. Educate the sellers on how they can still list and be able to buy and not end up selling and being left out in the cold. List their home with contingencies like renting back, longer closing time or time to negotiate on something to buy.

Video Idea No. 17: How To Find Off Market Listings To Buy. Another great topic for buyers and sellers and share how you go and find the off market properties for them to buy versus all the other agents who sit and wait for something to come on to the market that most of the time doesn’t happen.  Buyers and sellers are looking for the creator agents and not the waiters!

Remember: If It’s Not on Your Schedule, It Doesn’t Exist. I’ve given you lots of ideas and you could easily get overwhelmed if you try to create too many of these too fast. My suggestion? Prioritize all 17 of these and slot them into your video shooting calendar, and then honor those commitments as sacred! Shoot one or two a week until you’re done.

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