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The Top Ten Thoughts Agents Need To Eliminate

“We become what we think about most of the time, and that’s the strangest secret.” To an extent, we were all just going to do what we’re all going to do, and isn’t that such an enormous relief? After all, most of the time, we work with what we have to work with, we gravitate towards the things that make us happy, we source ideas and inspiration that are wholly unique and individual to us, and most of those processes are not even necessarily conscious, let alone active. People emerge from the womb a blank slate and fill the space
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The Five Phrases Every Agent Needs To Use!

Did you know real estate agents every day are costing themselves tens of thousands of dollars in business by what they are saying or even what they are not saying? What we say, and what we don’t say and how we say it changes everything for agents and their business. This week we want to share with you the five proven statements every agent needs to use in their real estate business to generate more productivity. In real estate all agents have gifts, talents and personalities they think is enough and tend to push away from scripts, dialogs and techniques.
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Why Should a Person Do Business with Me as a Realtor?

I was recently attending an event and presentation in Miami with speaker and author Mike Staver that really challenged and inspired me to share with you all. Let me start by asking… “As a real estate agent, why should a person do business with you?” What would you tell them if you were asked that important question. “Why would I do business with you?” Amazingly, why someone does business with you are not necessarily the reasons you may think! Statistically People do business with you 20-30% of the time for: a) Your skills b) Your knowledge c) Your experience d)
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