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Hitting A Wall & Avoiding Real Estate Fatigue

Wade Webb
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hitting wall avoiding real estate fatigueLast week for the first time in way too long, I was able to unplug and literally get off the grid and completely get out of cell phone reception for a good 4 days and I didn’t realize how badly I needed that time away from the business and the toll it has taken not only on me but on so many others as well in the real estate industry. They say, “Strike while the iron is hot.” In real estate, the iron has most certainly been hot for some time. At a certain point, you’ve got to ask: How many times can you keep striking until you strike out? For the last nine months or so, many agents have been operating at warp speed, and when you’re moving that quickly, hitting a wall isn’t pretty.

So how do you keep your energy up to maximize this market without burning yourself out? I’ve got some strategies this week for you.

1: Delegate, Automate, Systemize & Outsource. We’ve talked about this before… There’s no reason why you should be doing everything yourself in this business. Leverage is so important to a business owner like ourselves. Even if you’re relatively new and not quite ready to bring on an assistant, you can outsource tasks to Virtual Assistants, your company’s transaction coordinator or others. Put simply, you’ve got to be willing to trade some dollars to buy back your freedom. Why? Because digging yourself out of burnout mode is much more difficult than simply avoiding it in the first place. If you’re doing it all yourself and feel that wall approaching quickly, act now to delegate or outsource tasks.

2: Earners Are Learners. I’m a firm believer that new ideas create inspiration. So if you’re always learning something new, it keeps you on your toes and keeps your business fresh. When you’re knee deep in transactions, it might seem difficult to find the time to learn new things. But the impact it will have on your mindset – the promise of working toward better days – is worth devoting 20-30 minutes a day to that effort. Remember, small steps taken repeatedly will get you where you want to go. Learn a little every day, and I bet you’ll feel a difference in your energy.

Burnout Avoidance Tip No.

3: Train Something New. Instead of learning something new, teaching others something new can have the same energizing effect. Maybe you’ve recently hired a new team member who you can transfer some of your skills to… This is a powerful way to keep yourself engaged while also freeing yourself up in the future. The more you teach others to do things you handled previously, the more you can focus on your HABU – highest and best use of your time.

4: Reflect On Your Successes. When you’re super busy, it’s all too easy to slip into “grind” mode where you complete one transaction and move directly into the next one. But if that’s what you’re doing, you’re missing a crucial element in the process…

Celebrating your wins! There’s huge value in stopping for a bit to recognize your hard work and how it paid off. Maybe it’s a nice dinner out. Maybe it’s “treating yourself” to something you’ve wanted. Maybe it’s an impromptu “happy hour” celebration with your team. Or maybe it’s contributing to a cause that’s meaningful to you. Whatever you do, take the time to reflect and recognize your achievements. Because if you don’t, you’re depriving yourself of the joy you work so hard for – and headed toward eventual burnout.

No. 5: Live a Life Outside Your Work. If you read this tip and it stings a little, you probably need to work on this. There’s a tendency among some real estate agents to almost take pride in working 24/7. But you and I both know that’s not a recipe for long-term success. If all you do and think about is real estate from the moment you wake up to when your head hits the pillow, your days in this industry are numbered. And you’re likely not living a truly fulfilling life. Instead, maybe you start your day with a meditation. Or exercising. Doing something like that – anything other than diving head-first into more real estate – will actually bring you greater clarity and energy as you proceed through your day. (While we’re at it, don’t forget the other two elements of taking your M.E.D.S. – Meditate, Exercise, Diet and Sleep – to avoid burnout.) Also, make sure you’re scheduling your life before your business. Whether it’s your kid’s soccer game or dance recital or just a few hours of quality time at home, block out that time on your calendar to make sure it happens. Then get your work done in the time remaining. Remember, work expands to fill the time we allow for its completion, so you can get the same amount done in less time as long as you establish the right boundaries.

No. 6: Attitude Of Gratitude. You probably know I’m a huge fan of practicing gratitude as part of my morning routine. The simple act of writing down the things and people you’re thankful for is transformative. If you struggle to identify what you’re grateful for, here are some great questions to ask yourself:

What do I love about my job?

What do I love about the people I help on a daily basis?

What do I love about my colleagues I work with?

Who do I love?

Who loves me?

Ask yourself these and other similar questions every day. Then watch the impact it has on your mindset.

No. 7: Time For A Holiday! I miss travel so much the past 15 months and cannot wait to book the next experience. For many people, 2020 was a year of crazy ups and downs. It started strong, then the pandemic hit and agents all wondered if they’d ever sell another house, and then the market came roaring back and hasn’t slowed down since. And here’s what I suspect happened to a lot of people… They now find themselves in late May early June 2021, and they haven’t taken any time off since they returned from that initial lockdown. As a result, you’ve been working for months on end with no break. With life returning to normal, it’s time for you to take a vacation. Simply scheduling something will get you excited and help prevent burnout. And we all know how productive you get when you’re in those final few days before departure. So here’s my advice to you: Book your trip, buy your tickets, and make it happen!

If you’re on the cusp of burnout, choose a few of these tips and implement them immediately! Like I said above, it’s a lot easier to avoid burnout altogether than it is to pull yourself out of it once it’s too late. Make the wise choice, honor your work-life balance, and give yourself the fulfilling life you deserve!

Strength and courage,



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