5 Steps to 5 Star Customer REALTOR Reviews

90% of Consumers decisions are influenced by 3rd party online reviews

80% of Consumers trust online reviews as personal recommendations

Negative online reviews or reviews of 3 stars or less can cost a business or service provider as much as 30 new customers






Crazy Review Stats to Pay Attention To…

  • Zillow reviews receive 36 million views a month
  • Realtor.com reviews receive 18 million views a month
  • Yelp has more than 26,000 reviews posted every minute
  • Google has 100 billion review searches every 30 days

Does your online reputation match your offline reputation?

Millennials would rather just find an agent from the internet with good reviews and don’t care about referrals.




Out With the Old…

The Old Model =
1) See & Read
2) We Present
3) They refer

The New Model =
1) Search online
2) Read reviews
3) Use us

The Review Widget



Step 1 to a 5 Star Review

Listing and Buyer Presentations. “Tell or ask for the 5 star review in the future…”



Script Asking for 5 Star Review

Buyer Counselling or Listing Appointment
(Click on the link above to read the script dialog)




Step 2 to a 5 Star Review

The high point in the process.



High Point Script

High Point in the Transaction
(Click on the link above to read the script dialog)




Step 3 to a 5 Star Review

At the close of the deal



At the Close of the Deal Script

At the Closing Table
(Click on the link above to read the script dialog)



Step 4 to a 5 Star Review

The week or 2 after closing.



One Week After Closing Script

One Week after Closing
(Click on the link above to read the script dialog)




Step 5 to a 5 Star Review

Administration Assistant Call.



Administrative Call Script

Administrative Call
(Click on the link above to read the script dialog)

Google “Best Realtor In Kelowna (or your hometown)”

Join what comes up and especially if the review source is free for you to use.

Follow the five steps to Five Stars today!!



Strength and courage,

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