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millionaire realtor check listWe all know we have the same 365 days, 52 weeks, 12 months in our real estate year and begin with an even playing field, right?

So what is the secret to the top producing agents and what they do with that same time every other agent has? We know it boils down to implementation and execution of specific activities done over time with consistency that creates the long term massive success we all want.

This week we break down the daily checklist of the millionaire real estate agents and what it is they do every day no matter what that creates a massive end result all agents are looking for. So here we go!

Your Daily Top Real Estate Agent Checklist

#1 Every day they wake up at _______ a.m. daily. (Set your own time, but make it at least one hour earlier than normal.) Start adding up one hour a day earlier for 365 days and you have now added 365 hours to your business and life a year. You have now given yourself more than 15 days of time to do and be more personally and professionally. All millionaire agents get up earlier than the rest!

#2 Complete your morning routine. Here is an example of a millionaire agent I work with and their morning routine. Daily Gratitude exercise writing out 10 things they are grateful for. Show Up Early! Don’t open email for one hour. Positive reading or watching for 15 minutes. Daily affirmations and hand write 2 Personal Notes to their clients.

#3 Get to the office by _______ a.m. daily. The most productive hours are when there are little or no distractions from peers or staff in the office.

#4 Review the daily hot sheets. (Be informed. The market expert always wins.) Have the ability to switch the consumer inquiries by knowing the inventory.

#5 15 minutes of aggressive role playing/objection handling. Knowing what to say and how to say it is key to their skills and ability to persuade others!

#6 “Hour of Power” + follow-up and book appointments. One hour of focused lead generation time for buyer and seller appointments.

#7 Track your numbers. Measure everything you do to know if it works, if you are good at it or something you just need to dump.

#8 Check in on your pending sales and escrows and meet with their assistant for a daily update meeting.

#9 TWO social media posts daily, MINIMUM! Be top of mind and known for your expertise.

#10 Go on a “new opportunity” appointment (NOT a showing). Do you tour guide or do you sell homes? There is a difference!

#11 Conduct afternoon follow-up sessions. Sales is all about follow up, follow up, follow up!

#12 Provide massive value.

#13 Keep doing whatever makes you uncomfortable.

#14 If I don’t let go, I won’t grow.

#15 Put everything up and make your goals visual.

#16 Is your "why" bigger than your fear?

So there you have it. The daily checklist of the millionaire agent and the activities they consistently perform in order to know they will be able to experience the massive success they are wanting in their business and life. Don’t let another day go by without implementing and executing these daily activities and begin to change your life and business, NOW!!

Strength and courage,

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