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Why You? Why Your Company? Why now?

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Is there any competition in your marketplace? You and I both know there are a ton of real estate agents out there! There is this myth that all agents and all companies are the same and do all the same things. The challenge is how to separate yourself from the competition… Here’s the truth… If you’re not unique, then you’re weak! Be committed to creating a better experience for your customers because you know your unique factors! What unique factors […]

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Real Estate Marketing Innovations From Around The World

I love to see what is happening in real estate in other countries and where we are going with real estate innovations when it comes to marketing. This week’s content is a great taste of what we are seeing in other parts of the world and what we are seeing  to innovate our own real estate marketing in 2017. REAL ESTATE MARKETING INNOVATION #1 Business Models… *Portugal – Average transaction commission is 3%. Exclusive listings only. No Office cooperation with […]

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5 Steps to 5 Star Customer REALTOR Reviews

90% of Consumers decisions are influenced by 3rd party online reviews 80% of Consumers trust online reviews as personal recommendations Negative online reviews or reviews of 3 stars or less can cost a business or service provider as much as 30 new customers           Crazy Review Stats to Pay Attention To… Zillow reviews receive 36 million views a month Realtor.com reviews receive 18 million views a month Yelp has more than 26,000 reviews posted every minute […]

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You Need To Stay On Script In Real Estate Sales

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The Benefits Of Real Estate Scripts, Dialogs & Canned Sales Presentations Script- A series of questions and words to lead someone to a desired result. I was reminded this past week while attending an intense sales training course in California of the incredible importance of using scripts, dialogs and canned sales presentations as a base to your sales success in the real estate business. As a real estate coach it is our job to really instill the skills to agents on what […]

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Real Estate Presentations – Building Your Persuasive Case

Learn the Top Mistake in Realtor Presentations and How to Make them Effective Everyone is selling something… Whether it’s a product, service, philosophy, idea or most importantly when you are selling yourself. In today’s market is it good enough to “tell” or is it time to “show and sell”? Finish this statement “talk is… Cheap”! A mentor and friend of mine Terry Sjodin says the top mistake in sales presentations is sale professionals who are Telling versus Showing and Selling […]

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