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The 5 P’s To More Real Estate Listings In 2021

Wade Webb
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more real estate listings 2021We can all agree there are dramatically low inventory levels all over North America and it is harder than ever to get a listing in this buyer charged pandemic market we are all in. An agent that has a listing focused business has the upper hand every time on the other agents versus the buyer agent who is struggling like they never have before.  So what are the benefits of a listing focused business you ask?

  • 8 hours or less to generate the same commissions working with a buyer 32 hours minimum.
  • Sells quickly.
  • The sellers buy from you once they have sold. Two ends.
  • Less marketing expenses to put out now.
  • Spin buyer and seller leads from the listing marketing.
  • We all own a business… when we have a sign up, we now are in business! Out of sight out of mind.

So those are great benefits Wade but seriously it is a battle out there with all the challenges agents face! What are those challenges?

  • Harder than ever to get the listing.
  • Sellers afraid they will list and then be left without a home.
  • Sellers afraid because they don’t have anywhere to go and nothing to buy.
  • Agents need mad sales, presentation, persuasion and appointment skills right now.
  • Agents need to be creative and have incredible thinking outside the box skills.
  • Be persistent and follow up like we never have before.

The solution? THE 5 P’s – PROSPECT, PACKAGING, PROCESS, PRESENTATION, POSITIONING. Lets look at each one….

  1. Prospecting – Here are the top ones I see working from so many coaching clients.
    A) Provide unsolicited CMA packages without the price to all your past clients.
    B) Hand delivered bona fide buyer letters or Just Sold and buyers still needing homes letters tucked in the front door.
    C) Geographic Farm
    D) Database touches like notes, calls, drop bys. Give to get!
    E) Agent to agent network referrals
    F) B2B co marketing strategies with business owners, trades and service providers in your community.
  2. Packaging – Having the most savage pre listing and pre buyer package delivered to a client prior to even meeting them. Here are a few samples of successful coaching clients of mine.
  3. Process – Having the most compelling process that absolutely beats the competition for a listing by your process and how you serve a potential seller prior, during and after the listing process. See attached.
    Agentsboost - Listing Seller Appointment Process
  4. Presentation – Having the best presentation skills and being able to knock it out of the park when it is your moment “showtime” to show them why you, why your firm and why now? You only get one chance to shine and are you ready and does your presentation compete against any other agents presentation skills?
  5. Positioning – Can you offer solutions and creative ideas for sellers in today’s market and get them to list their home with you? Eliminate their fears and get them to trust you with the process and position yourself for the signed agreement? Persuade them that this is the best market in history to sell a home and make a move.

There you have it! The 5 P’s To Listings. Prospect, Packaging, Process, Presentation and Positioning. Get the listings and work smarter and not harder and have the competitive edge on all the other agents in your marketplace, you will be so glad you did. Feel free to email, comment with your ideas and success stories you are having getting listings in today’s listing depleted market, I would love to hear from you.

Strength and courage,



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